Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Brave New Frontyear!

2011 has come and gone, and was ChuckBlog's best year ever! We had more posts this year then we did in last years, even if you double it! ChuckBlog has come a long way since that first post, but I'm saving that story for the 100th POST SPECTACULAR (not incredibly different from the 20th post spectacular). Be ready for even more ChuckBlog in 2012, it's gonna be huge! As for what you'll be seeing, well, it's really a toss up. I can tell you you'll have many more Platinum Awards (haven't done that in a while), more reviews, videos, and of course, BGM Anthology (my personal favorite).

So prepare yourself for a new year on ChuckBlog, and a great one! See you in 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

BGM Anthology IV

Alright, back by popular demand (kinda) is BGM anthology! It's the (somewhat) annual post that showcases awesome songs in video games that otherwise don't get as much attention as they should. I have three songs for you today that I'm sure you'll enjoy, so let's dive in.

Well, that name certainly is a mouthful. Don't get me wrong, BIT. TRIP RUNNER is my favorite indie game of all time, and I had to find a place for it on the list. Why? Because the entire BIT. TRIP series is a rhythm game! It's hard to explain, but the gameplay is such that you create a song whilst you play. What you're about to here is the track that goes under while you're playing and "making music." The subtle changes you hear happen when you acquire health power ups. To really understand this, look up some gameplay footage.

Okay, maybe they're all mouthfuls, but seriously, have you played this game? Shadow of the Colossus is one of those games that makes the Play Station 2 one of my favorite consoles of all time (along with Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Klonoa 2). But in all seriousness, it's this one song that makes the whole game for me. As soon as the colossus rose from the ground and this song started playing, you were in it. Sure, you had a tall order in front of you, but with this in your ears you could take on the world. This song even rivals some of Zelda's music, and that is saying a lot coming from me.

Hey, it's my very first suggestion for BGM Anthology (thanks Price)! Cave Story (another indie classic) is a beautiful game. There's great gameplay, retro graphics, and a moving, compelling story. Also, there's some epic retro music. When you boot up Cave Story, be ready for some great nostalgic yet modern action. This song does a great job of capturing both aspects, and makes a great Title Theme.

And there you have it, the fourth (and don't worry, not final) BGM Anthology! I hope you enjoyed the songs I shared with you today, and please support them by playing these awesome games!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Top 3 Confusing Games of my Childhood

Alright, on ChuckBlog, I like do do lists. Like the top 10 Wii games, favorite 3 Disney Characters, BGM Anthology, etc. Subsequently, I love watching "Top 10" videos on YouTube (especially the video game ones). I was going to simply do a blog post on the top three confusing games of my childhood, but I made a video instead. Just for you. So enjoy!

If you enjoyed it, please subscribe and leave a comment (I guess). Thanks for watching!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mario Kart 7 Community!

Alright, one of my Christmas presents this year was the 3DS title, Mario Kart 7. Mario Kart 7 is by far my favorite Mario Kart, and if you have it, you'll probably agree. One of the neatest features of Mario Kart is the fact that you can create online communities that race together. I've decided to do that with my blog, and started a Chuck Blog community! If you wanna race with me, I'll post times and such on my twitter (@CPainter307) here's a link. The code to find me is 13-7653-7125-4888. It's called "ChuckBlog!" and the logo is Koopa Troopa's head, so join up. The first official race is December 27, 2:00pm central time. Follow the twitter for more races!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Ah... today is christmas! There's nothing like waking up super early, sprinting downstairs, and opening presents! Today was no exception, and I can't complain with the loot I hauled in. This is my first Christmas post, I suppose, so I guess it's somewhat special. Christmas is a great holiday because it brings families more together than any other. Sure, everyone eats a bird on Thanksgiving, but Christmas is really where it counts. It's all about giving to others, so you really get to know someone during the shopping and giving of presents. Of course, you receive some of your own presents, if you've been good. 

I know this all sounds super stereotypical, and like something I would write on a 3rd grade school essay about Christmas, but I mean it. I guess it's just the Christmas spirit in me, but I do wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Also, I've begun work on my Pokemon Project I told you about in the previous post. More info on the way very soon!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A New Project

Now, I know what you're thinking, "A new project, when was the old one?" Well, that's for me to know and for you to spend the rest of your life pondering. Not really. This one is just new, as of now. Alright, you're also probably wondering what on earth  a giant Pikachu in a parade has to do with this, so I'll tell you. This project is about Pokemon. For some of you this is interesting, and others may have already found a new post to read, but this is something I found very interesting. It was a Pokemon outbreak. But, I'm getting ahead of myself, you need to hear some backstory. Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) is a multi-million dollar company comprised of video games, trading cards, an anime, and countless propaganda. I'm going to be addressing the video games, which is where Pokemon began (I think). Anyway, when I was a younger youngster my cousin passed down Pokemon Blue version (the first) to me and I was hooked. I then got Fire Red, Diamond, and Soul Silver. However, between each of these games I stopped playing Pokemon entirely, growing bored of the game until a new one came out. There was something about entirely new Pokemon that no one had heard of that excited me. Anyway, I had been off of a Pokemon high for quite some time when Black and White versions were announced. I was suddenly excited again and set off to catch new Pokemon. Me and my closest nerd friends purchased the games and began playing immediately. Strangely, there were more people playing Pokemon than usual, it seemed the whole high school had Black or White and were playing, not just the nerds. This all happened at the very beginning of when we were doing Beauty and the Beast so we had a lot of free time on our hands. More and more people were getting Pokemon, and suddenly it seemed everyone  had Pokemon! It infiltrated into the middle school. Jocks had Pokemon, girls were asking us to play Pokemon before school, what was going on?! That's what this project will be about, the Pokedemic, as I will call it. It will go back and chronicle the events that caused Pokemon to become the hottest thing in school for about a week and a half. This did happen, I'm not kidding. Once I get all my evidence, I'll post my conclusion, stay tuned.

Monday, December 19, 2011

LEGO Zelda

During my excess amount of downtime during the Christmas break (FINALLY) I found an amazing site called LEGO CUUSOO. It's a place where you can submit ideas for themes to LEGO, people vote on them, and they can become real sets. It takes 10,000 votes for the LEGO Review, where they, well, review the idea to see if it would work. LEGO Minecraft recently reached the review, so be on the lookout! Even more recently I stumbled upon this, LEGO Legend of Zelda. Now, on CUUSOO there are many LEGO Zelda submissions, but none quite like this. There was a heaping ton of effort put into this submission, and if you want to see some Zelda LEGO sets, give it the ol' college vote! Here is it's page. Making an account is simple, so please vote!
As you can tell, there really is a LOT of effort put into this and I would love Zelda LEGO sets. I'm sure a lot of you kids would too, so VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I figure I need a post just to talk about some stuff going down and this will be that post. Entitled: UPDATUS. Anywhichway, There is some news going down around here. First off I know you've all seen the twitter blx in the bottom right corner. For some reason I can't get it to post my tweets, but read my tweets here. They're like mini blog posts or whatever. Second of all, I've started watching some things. I watched the first season of Samurai Jack, and it was amazing. I really wish Toonami was still around so I could enjoy this, because Samurai Jack gets pretty intense. Now, I'm no big fan of anime, not at all; but the other day I found a trailer for a show that looked vaguely familiar called Oban: Star Racers. After thinking and thinking on it, I ended up recalling what it was. When I was younger (much) there was a division of  Disney called Toon Disney (you may know it as Disney XD now) and like all cartoon stations had it's "action" segment. Toon Disney used a division called "Jetix" to broadcast those shows. They showed Power Rangers, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go, that Tarzan Show, Yin Yang Yo, but one I specifically remember as always looking cool was Oban: Star Racers.I guess it was the awesome animation that looked so cool, so I wanted to watch it. Summary, if you have Netflix, watch this show. I don't care if you're not into anime, this show is a masterpiece! The animation is beautiful, the plot immense, and the characters unforgettable. This is a genuine awesome show. Alright, for the last chapter of UPDATUS we look to something rather old. You may recall a specific CYBER 3 FORUMS a while back started by my friends and I. It had a good run, but we eventually abandoned it. Well, we have renewed it with CYBER 4 FORUMS! That's right, now you can join CYBER 4! Just click the link here and be whisked away to a forum wonderland! Well, that's all for this update, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Alright, before I review this sucker, allow me to apologize. You see, I got this game three weeks ago and finished it one week ago (I thinks) and I haven't gotten around to my review until now. Please accept my humble apologies. Now that that's over with, let's DO THIS REVIEW.

The Legend of Zelda is undoubtedly my favorite video game series of all time. Between solving dangerous puzzles and defeating colossal enemies, I can get lost in the games' wonderful worlds. This ear is Zelda's 25th Anniversary, so I knew there had to be something special on the way. Back in E3 'O9, concept art for a new Zelda title was released, and it led many fans to speculation. However, a trailer was released the following year and it got us on track. We were headed for an adventure in the sky.

Zelda games are great for many reasons, but it's their stories that really hook me, and Skyward Sword is not exception. The story is a long epic (no spoilers, I promise) that will change the way you look at the Zelda universe forever. Also, it was announced to be a prequel of  Ocarina of Time, which is considered the first game in the series's non-existent (cough) timeline. Prepare yourself for the most cinematic and emotional Zelda ever, you won't want to skip the cutscenes (which you can do now). Also, ready yourself for incarnations of characters you hadn't yet imagined.

Gameplay has changed dramatically from the first Zelda to today. This game falls under the 3D type adventure (reminiscent of Ocarina, Wind Waker, Twilight, etc.) and does the best job yet. But really, it's the motion controls that make the game. I remember being so psyched when I first saw Wii's motion controls. Although they quickly became common, I longed for a game that could push them to the maximum. Meet Skyward Sword. Using WiiMotion Plus, this game tracks every sword swipe, arrow, and bomb with scary precision. It's the game the Wii was made to play.

Let's face it, the Wii has limited graphics capability. When showing my friend (We'll call him Steven) Skyward Sword's perfect 10 review on Game Informer, he merely laughed and mocked the graphics. He mocked some of the Wii's best graphics. Skyward Sword stands up to Super Mario Galaxy 2 (excellent game) as having the best graphics on Wii. The painting style looks beautiful, blending Twilight Princess's rough realistic graphics with Wind Waker's cell-shaded cartoony feel. And the music! Oh... my favorite music  in the WORLD comes from Zelda, and this is no exception. With a full orchestra, be ready for some of the best Zelda music ever. Eat it Steven!

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is by far the best game on Wii (I have to update my list), blending puzzle solving with action like it always has. The controls are natural and fluent, which is what the Wii originally promised, but we didn't receive until now. The story is one of Zelda's best, and so is the presentation. Not only is this Zelda's best game to date, it's also the Wii's.


Hey, it's my review! I can do that.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hero Factory 4.0?

Okay, taking a break from Skyward Sword (yes, I know) I decided to do a little browsing on the internet. Anyway, I know I said some really bad things about Hero Factory at first, but it was mostly because of my frustration at the loss of BIONICLE. But I decided to give them a second chance and found that I liked most of it. It's no BIONICLE, but it'll do. For now. But, back to the story. I was browsing through the net and I thought to myself, "Hero Factory seems to have gone inactive!" Other than Savage Planet, they've done absolutely nothing since that movie was released. That's one of the major flaws of Hero Factory. They'll release every single one of their sets right off the bat, release a movie about a month later, and then just let it sit there and rot. BIONICLE worked differently. At least, it did after it caught the hang of things. They would release half of a series of sets, develop a story through books, comics, online stories, and animations. Then, they would release the other half and build from there through the end of the year. Sorry about that tangent, but I just needed to say it. ANYWAY, I began researching Hero Factory 4.0 (because that's obviously what they'd name it) and found a couple of pictures. And... here goes. So after the "advanced building system" was released for Hero Factory 2.0, it was designed specifically for the fire villains. I.E.they were equipped with "ice tools" and such. Hero Factory 3.0 introduced a jungle theme to the heroes, giving them animals to be modeled after. In Hero Factory 4.0, it seems that the heroes will be returning to their original forms in advanced system form. The new helmets for the 2.0 and 3.0 exclusive heroes look cool (see left picture) but they just reused the original helmets for the old heroes. That's... okay I guess. The theme seems to be focused on finding villains and cuffing them, as for prison. The theme looks okay, and I look forward to the set design. I guess they'll be in next year.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review on the way!

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while. Why? BECAUSE I'VE BEEN PLAYING NOTHING BUT SKYWARD SWORD! And family came in for Thanksgiving, so sue me (don't really). Anyway, I've almost completed Skyward Sword (I think) and so I'm also that bit closer to a review (yes, I know the fate of mankind rests on this review). I can't fully review this game until I complete it, and thus know the story. Once I do, I will review and review it hard. So prepare yourself. In other news, I now have a twitter account. Follow me, I'm CPainter307. It's a bummer that Thanksgiving break is coming to a close, it's zoomed by at the speed of light if it had an invincibility star (don't know where I was going there). So prepare yourself. Prepare...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

SKYWARD SWORD! First Impressions

(trumpet fanfare) It's here! It's finally here! THE NEWEST AND BADDEST ZELDA GAME IS HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! Okay, now that that's over... let's look at my first impressions. I'm definately not ready to do a review, since I've only scratched the surface (I'm about to enter the first dungeon) and so far I LOVE everything. The characters, storyline, gameplay, and even graphics are the best on Wii, and the motion controls feel fluent and beautiful. But, we still need talk about one thing I'm not too happy with (WHAT?!) and that would be the shields. The controls for the shields are too awkward, and take away from the sword experience. Or, at least they have so far. Maybe I just suck at this game. On the hyper-positive side, this Zelda game is unlike any other, and in a hyper-positive way! Instead of walking for endless hours through Hyrule field to get to a dungeon, the areas leading up to the dungeons pretty much are dungeons! And, there's a dash button! That's pretty cool! Anyway, this is by far one of the best games I have ever played, so get ready for a stellar review!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

BGM Anthology III

I'll admit, I'm really just doing this to release some Skyward Sword energy, but hey, does it really mater? Once again I bring you some of the greatest not well known music in video games! I was planning to do a review on this little game I re-found, but hey! BGM is woith it!

For all youse guys who haven't played Chrono Trigger, shame on you. During the SNES era, RPGs were at the top of their game, it was a golden age. And, one of the best SNES RPGs was Chrono Trigger. Composed of a dream team including SquareSoft and the creators of Dragon Ball, it was a masterpiece of masterful proportions. The gameplay was fluent, the graphics were beautiful, the story was unlike anything gamers had experienced before, but the music topped the cake. Chrono Trigger's main theme is an epic, dramatic, sweeping theme that gets you excited and fills you with energy. Don't believe me? Listen.

Excitebikes is a classic classic. This is a prime example of the early days of home gaming. Anyway, my friend Caleb and I really got into Excitebikes one day (long story) to the point where we were gritting our teeth trying to beat each other's time. If we did beat each other's time, a catchy jingle proceeded, in which we would both break into dance and... well, I didn't say we were normal.

Okay, the name of the song may surprise you, but I can take a gander you know the game. Minecfrat is the game sensation that swept and is currently sweeping the nation. The concept is so simple, the gameplay so fun... oh never mind, it's just a boss game. The creators got C418 to do the music, and instead of what you'd suppose the music to be, it's actually quite different. The music is the strange, dissodent, subtle piano that transitions into this fantasmical melody that really makes you feel... I don't know, different. It's the perfect music for the game. Even if you're not a player, this song is great.

And there you have it, the third installment in the BGM Anthology series. But, it's certainly not the last.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Raw, Unfiltered Anticipation

It's like I'm trapped in a bottle. My excitement for this game is about to boil over into a plethora of energetic spasms! Okay, not really, but I am too excited about this game. During marching band, time was a precious resource that rarely chose to abide with me, but now I seem to have so much that I need something to fill it. And my excitement is DEFINATELY filling it right about now. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has gotten at least four perfect 10s that I've seen and innumerable 9.5s and so on. It looks like I'm going to have to update my top 10 Wii list because THIS TAKES THE NUMBER ONE SPOT ALREADY! AND I HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED IT YET! Wow. I just capitalized, bolded, italicized, and underlined that. I think I need to sit down...

Another thing that's got me all hyped up is that I ordered the awesome edition that comes with a golden WiiMotion Plus Remote. I've also heard it comes with the Zelda Syphony CD but that might be just a myth.

In order to stave off my all consuming Zelda hunger, I've found myself reverting to something else. Cartoons from my childhood. In ordered the first season of Samurai Jack on Netflix and it should be in today.

When Skyward Sword comes out, you may not hear from me for a while (because ALL THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY I shall be playing) but rest assured a review shall come. And it will blow your tiny minds.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Allow me to revise my list of EPIC VIDEO GAME COMMERCIALS. Okay... done. It's almost here. The biggest, baddest, game of the year is almost here! Okay, I know Skyrim was just released (haven't gotten to play it, looks AWESOME!) and Modern Wellfare 3, but this game... this game is The Legend of Zelda. This game is the beginning of THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME SERIES OF ALL TIME. Did you not just watch that commerical? Do you not undersrtand the pure scope of this game?! Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go on a whole rage-fest right then, its just... I don't know if this game has as much hype as it should. At least, it doesn't in my neck of the woods. That is, where pubescent teens stay up all night playing C.O.D. Other than the fact that this is a new Zelda game, there's a lot of exciting aspects. Let's take a brief look. Okay, so there's the all new Wii MotionPlus controls for swordplay. Unlike previous games where you simply press B till the enemy dies, you must swing the Master Sword in various ways to defeat various enemies. Also, there's the sheer scope of this game. 50-100 hours of gameplay at the least can go into this puppy, making it the biggest Zelda game EVER. Also, new elements such as a more RPG style weapon purchasing system and a fres new take on weapon interface add more excitement. But this is all technical. Let's get to the juicy bits. STORYLINETIME! We all know Nintendo has denied there being one, single Zelda timeline. But did you not just watch the commercial (if you haven't caught the las two hints it means you need to WATCH THE COMMERCIAL)? "This is where it all begins." THIS IS THE FIRST GAME IN THE ZELDA SERIES (storyline wise). So that means, even if you know NOTHING about Zelda, you can enjoy this game to the fullest. Well, you can do that in any other Zelda game, but this one's probably on top. Also, the storyline of this game is VERY different from any Zelda to date. First of all, no Ganon. There's that blatant flamer Ghirahim instead (just looking at him makes me want to cut him in half). Also, Link's a knight in training, which is pretty cool. He and Zelda are childhood friends, which is also slightly different. I could go on... but you get the point. SKYWARD SWORD IS RELEASED ONE WEEK FROM NOW so be expecting a review quite soon. Thanks for your time!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Robots in Disguise? Or in The Skies?

What's trending with Chuck right now? Transformers. That's what's trending with Chuck now. About a week ago I was wandering the sacred halls of my local Target when I stumbled upon the complete first season of Transformers! Yes, Generation 1 Transformers, not the nightmare inducing Beast War Transformers or the spasm inducing Anime Armada Transformers (or the unfathomably disturbing Animated ones...). No, these are the legit first episodes of the first season. Long story short I was hooked and spent many a night watching Optimus Prime battle Megatron (who could turn into a Walther P38) and all of the classic Transformers transform and such. I bought the first comics, read through them, enjoyed them. I was Transformers crazy. And then I noticed something. Transformers was at it's absolute best in the first generation. Lemme tell you what goes down. After G1, there was this awkward transition into G2, which led to the Transformers Movie. And as much of a fan of Unicron as I am, this movie makes me... sad. Let's take a looksie at why. Okay, movie opens. So, we're looking at the same basic formula of Lazerbeak the evil Descepticon bird spying on the Autobots. Okay, so Megatron's going to attack, what else is new? Okay, the battle begins. Wait! You just- what?! Long story short (again) THEY PRETTY MUCH KILL OFF ALL OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS! Ratchet, dead! Ironhide, dead! They even killed Wheeljack, my all time favorite! Why?! They go on to kill Megatron (kinda) and even Optimus Prime himself. That's cool, you can do that. And by that I mean OF COURSE YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Talk about how to almost ruin a series. But really, if you're looking for some great Transformers nostalgia, pick up the first season. Totally worth it. Other than that there's Transformers: Prime, a pretty good Transformers series, along with the live action Transformers movies, which are excellent, even though they have nothing to do with the canon at all. Well there you have it, the Transformers.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rock Odyssey!

It comes time for me to once again post about the Saint James Marching Trojans, the marching band I'm a proud member of. The picture above is of last year's show (I'm the mellophone player in the back left) but this year's show is entitled "A Rock Odyssey," which is pretty much the story of the Odyssey put to some rockin' tunes! Last week we placed in finals at a competition. This Saturday (Oct 29) we compete in Atlanta and we'll be competing in BOA Grand Nationals a week later. Be on the lookout for the Trojans if you can!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Results are in!

So all of you readers who come on here a good bit have always been greeted by the same old site. And one factor of this same old site is the same old poll "What's Your Favorite LEGO Theme?" Well, the results are in... your favorite LEGO theme is...


That's right! BIONICLE won out for favorite LEGO theme, and it deserved it. Actually, he real reason for this post is just to tell you that I've changed the poll to a very important question. But we'll get to that in a second. Lemme just tell you why I cut the last one short. I put the end date for the pole on the twelfth of December, 2012. Well, that didn't some fast enough and some things need to change (like the fact that Unicron has been in NONE of the live action Transformers movies). So the new post is on a very important topic. Everyone has a gigantic robot close to their heart. It could be Ultraman, that creepy whatever from The Day the Earth Stood Still (or whatever the title is), or maybe even any of the mechs from Gundam. But really, there's only two that stand out. And those are the two that are composed of more than one and... anyway it's Voltron and any Power Rangers Megazord. Me and my homies (nerd friends) have been debating over the superiority of the two. I'm partial to Voltron, while my friend MATT YOUNG is rooting for the Megazord. Help us end this conflict by voting for your choice now! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Game Review! (Scribblenauts REMIX)

How do I love you Scribblenauts? Let me count the ways... Actually, I'm not going to count the ways, because counting is just plain boring. Anywhichway, GAME REVIEW TIME! I can remember when Scribblenauts was released for the DS back in 2009, and when I got it on my birthday in 2010. I can also remember playing that game till it was a worn as 13 year old's Xbox controller and had more fun than ever before. I also remember getting Super Scribblenauts on my DS on Christmas, in which my brain melted and I forgot all about my other presents whilst playing it. Months later, I still love both of those games, but a thought remained in my mind. Where to next, 5th Cell? I mean, they'd already created a game where you can summon literally anything, then they topped that by letting you add adjectives to literally anything! What could they possibly do to top that? Nothing. That's the answer. 5th Cell created a masterpiece, a masterpiece so perfect that they couldn't possibly fix it. The original Scribblnauts was innovative in itself, and Super Scribblenauts took everything that made Scribblenauts great, and made it better by adding better controls, adjectives, and more creative levels. But then, out of the dark, rose a new Scribblenauts title. Scribblenauts Remix. Unlike it's predecessors, Remix wasn't released on the DS, or any Nintendo system for that matter. Instead, they released it for the iPhone, as an app. Scribblenauts Remix is simple. Take levels from Super Scribblenauts and Scribblenauts, slightly inhance the graphics, stick it on the app store. However, Remix has both it's pros and cons, which we're about to look at.

I mean, it's Scribblenauts! One of the best games ever! And now, you can play it on your phone! Remix includes the adjective addition to the series, allowing you to create litteraly anything to solve the puzles. The graphics got boosted too, making everything look just like the concept art. Also, you play levels from both Scribblenauts games, along with some new ones! Really, the game's just as good as you'd expect it to be. Except for the...

There are a surprisingly large amount of these for a Scribblenauts game. First off, they got rid of the controls of Super Scribblenauts when they made this one. Yep, that's right. One of the main reasons Scribblenauts didn't get perfect reviews was because of it's awkwards controls, which 5th Cell thought it would be a good idea to bring back. No. No it's not. And I know the controls are limited on a little touch screen, but you couldn't have added a jump button? JUST A LITTLE JUMP BUTTON? Also, you can't make levels in Remix, which is sad because making levels was really fun (I loved making them impossible for my friends).

So there you have it. Scribblenauts Remix, reviewed! Now for the all important verdict, what will it be?


You know, I just didn't have as much fun with this game, and even though it's fun, it doesn't deserve the four stars. Sorry Remix!

But, if you're looking for a good app, purchase Scribblenauts Remix for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for five dollars!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Skyward Sword Blowout!

It's been more than a year since The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was announced. However, in the last few months there's been a blowout of trailers, screenshots, story details, and more! Gameinformer had a gigantic Zelda feature, and Nintendo Power may do so next. I am incredibly excited about this new game, it looks like it may be the greatest Zelda ever made. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Ocarina. But, Skyward Sword may just beat it, if you catcha my drifta. What is making htis look like it's going to be the best game of the year (and the Wii's last great game)? Well, first of all it's the storyline. It's hugely gargantuanly epicly epic! This game takes place before all other Zelda games (if you use the timeline theory, considering it's confirmed that SS is a prequel to OoT) and even includes the FORGING OF THE MASTER SWORD! Yeah man, it sure does. Also, there's a lot of changes to the normal formula. For instance, Link is a knight in training, Zelda apparently isn't a princess, and there's no Ganon! Instead, there's just some creepy guy (who I'm pretty sure "hopped the fence") named Ghirahim, who really creeps me out (like, he wears these clothes that have diamond holes that expose his thighs and... he's just really creepy). But just because Ghirahimershmim is creepy it doesn't mean everything is! Skyward Sword will include more RPG elements such as upgradable shields, which are super cool! Instead of having naught but a Hylian shield (which would be strange becuase I'm pretty sure Hyrule isn't a kingdom yet in this game) you can upgrade your wooden shield! Boo-yah! Not to mention Skyward Sword will feature motion controls that I've heard feel natural and fun. So get ready, Zelda fans. And you too, normal gamer! Because Skyward Sword is going to BLOW YOUR LITTLE GAMER MINDS!!! (and if it doesn't I'm sueing.)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

BGM Anthology II

Well, I got some nice comments on BGM Anthology, and since everyone should know their BGMs, I've decided to continue the series right now. These are some BGMs that were great, but don't get as much credit as they rightfully should. Everyone knows Mario's theme. But the hidden BGM gems, those are the best. Let's take a look.

The time has come. You've completed your Pokemon journey, leveling up and making bonds with all of your Pokemon. The time has come for an epic battle. An epic battle with Red. Who is Red? Red is the protagonist of Pokemon Blue and Red, and the character you play as. After defeating an evil gang of Pokemon abusers, defeating an elite team of Pokemon masters, and walking thousands of miles, he became one of the best trainers in the world. In the Heart Gold/Soul Silver (also just Gold and Silver) you play as Gold, I think. Either that or Silver. These parents need to stop naming their kids after colors! Anyway, after you've gone on a Pokemon jouney as Gold, you challenge Red for all the marbles. The fight is the hardest in the game, and if you're not prepared, it's gonna be a long hard beating.

I know Super Mario Land stuff is in here a lot (Chai Kingdom is a boss song!) and this one is no exception. There's no feeling like wandering throigh a large world and then encountering a large mechanical robot modeled after you filled with booby-traps and koopa troopas. Sigh... Super Mario Land 2 was a crazy game, partially because of it's slightly adjusted gameplay, and partially because it was the debut of Wario, Mario's crazy fat wannabe.

How do I love you sweet Galaga? Let me count the ways... Galaga is by far one the best Arcade Games ever (My second favorite, losing only to Dig Dug. Hey! Dig Dug has a good BGM...) The triumphant sci-fi fanfare that announces your presence bolsters your courage enough for you to finish the job with the evil insectoid Galaga. It's just an awesome BGM.
So there you have it, more BGMS. Now, if you want to see a BGM recognized, please post such in the comment section! Thanks!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Four is Better Than One

 Zelda 25th Anniversary is in full swing now with the release of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition. For free! That's right, owners of the DSi, or 3DS can download the epic masterpiece for absolutely free, and now it's time for me to review it. When Four Swords was released on the Game Boy Advance along with Link to the Past, most gamers never got the chance to play it, considering you had to have the cord and more players to even play. That is corrected with the single player mode, which allows you to manipulate two Links. The gameplay is smooth and fun, instead of a massive overworld to explore, you have "levels" to play on, each one massive in it's own way. Also, the addition of more Links adds to new puzzles based off teamwork and multiple problem solving. You can of course team up with other players to bash and crash, adding to the fun. In fact, the multiplayer is virtually seamless, adding multiplayer to one of the best games of all time. After you've completed the story mode (which is short, but sweet) you can play within the "Realm of Memories," which allows you to play four swords in classic Zelda stages (such as Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, The Legend of Zelda). There's more, but I don't want to spoil for you. So get it! Best DSi Ware game and one of the best DS games by far.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

World of Sand (ChuckBlog Platinum Award)

It's been a while since my last platinum award, and thisn's worth it! For iPad users (unlike myself) this is the perfect app. For all you guys on your computer, it's good for that too! But what is World of Sand? Well, I'll explain. World of Sand is a game that allows you to manipulate the flow of diffrent "sands" to create elaborate pictures, chain reactions, etc. World of Sand debuted as a CPU game called Falling Sand and quickly was converted to iPad as World of Sand. The mechanics are simple. Sand does nothing, water acts like water, oil burns, salt is salt, fire burns, walls keep the sand in, wak melts, plants grow in water, and ??? makes your entire work disentegrate (except for plants). That's in the original. All that and more is within the iPad version which includes liquid fire, methane, concrete, antimatter, snow, electricity, you name it! So, get creative on your iPad, and if you don't have one, click here!
So... let's sum this up.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

BIONICLE: The Next Generation

It comes time for another post, and this one is on one of my favorite childhood memories, BIONICLE. Now, I've already told my sappy childhood story, so let's forget about that and look into the fact that yes, BIONICLE is over. (Now, as a side note, I've decided that Hero Factory isn't too bad. The sets have advanced passed the horrible BIONICLE rip-off and the story is actually getting cool. Not BIONICLE cool have you, but cool.) But, there is a group of people who are trying, perhaps not to revive, but continue BIONICLE through their works. They are BIONICLE: THE NEXT GENERATION (we'll call them BNG). They've decided to make movies starring BIONICLE characters animated. These are all official storyline, keep in mind. Their goal is just, but they can't seem to accomplish anything. No offense. They've been working on "The Empire" which is their adaptaion of the Greg Farsthey serial featured on and it hasn't gotten too far. In fact, it took them about two months to make the preview trailer (or so I hear). There's also a game, and it seems there will be a reboot of the 2001-2003 storyline, but things seem to only be crawling. So, will this work? That question lingers in the air, but a good answer is, "I sure do hope so." I will enjoy seeing what they do with BIONICLE (if they do it) and I'm sure they won't mess anything up. My only real worry is the voice acting. That never really works.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ambassador Program (again)

Well, this is my first post using the new Blogger Interface. It seems pretty nice. But, we should get on topic. A whiles back I posted a post called "Exciting News for Owners of the 3DS" (actually it was two posts ago, but who needs specifics?) and I explained the whole concept of the 3DS Ambassador Program. Well, it's here! On Thursady I got all the games I wanted and started playing them! And considering it was my first time playing any of these games (For the most part. Hey, I don't have a lot of money!) I've decided to do some mini-reviews.

Now, I already have this game, but that doesn't mean it's still not fun! Super Mario Bros. was and will be the greatest platformer of all time. No questions asked. Mario is Nintendo's Golden Boy. You can't leave him out. Simple mechanics and a bouncy soundtrack make this a thouroughly enjoyable game.

I had always wanted to play the original Metroid, but I never really wanted to buy it. So, when it came out for free, I just had to have it. At first I was wanting some kind of mechanics that explained how you do everything, but I have to keep in mind, this is NES. Metroid is supposed to be enjoyed as an "exploration" game, like The Legend of Zelda. It's one of the more challenging games.

You know me, I can't resist a Zelda game. Even the rediculously hard without a guide original. Actually, after about four hours of gameplay, I got the white sword, and beat three dungeons (without using a guide, might I add)! Unfortunately, I accidently erased my save data and had to star all over. Fun for hardcore gamers.

I looked forward to playing this game, and hey! I was right. Ice Cimbers is challenging (that jumping... just doesn't feel right) but very entertaining. It's fun to get into.

I'm not quite sure how to put into words the open rage and frustration that I feel every time I play this game. I just can't play it. The ball only goes like two millimeters when I hit it. RAAAAAAAAAGE!

Alright, this is one of those "Oh my Barbra Streisand, THIS GAME IS AMAZING! How did I not know of it?!?!?!?" moments. Balloon fight is one of the funnest games I have ever stumbled upon, the mechanics are easy, gameplay is super-fun and addictive, and it's just all around awesome. The music rocks too (especially how it changes depending on what's happening)!

Another golden game I didn't know of. At first when I started playing I was like, "WHAT? HOW DO YOU EVEN PLAY?" But now I see it for the fun game it is. And Luigi's pink. Serves him right.

Commonly referred to as the hardest Zelda game to date, Zelda II takes traditional RPG elements and blends in a little Zelda. The dungeons are totally different, and Link can jump. It's a classic, so mopst people don't wail on it too hard. It's pretty gun once you get into it.

I didn't get this one just because I heard so many bad things about it.

I was excited about this game. Was being the key word. Donkye Knog Jr. isn't fun whatsoever and should be avoided. The fact that Donkey Kong's infant son can't drop two pixels without crying annoys me to the point where I erased the game. Hmph!

And there you have it. My review list of the 3DS ambassador program games. Decide for yourselves which ones you want. Teehee!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

BGM Anthology!

There comes a time in every gamer's life where he just sits and listens to the BGM (Background Music) of a game. Who can forget Super Mario Bros's bouncy theme song, or The Legend of Zelda's triumphant, galliant, overworld music? Well, there must be someone, but they don't matter right now. What matters right now is some of the greatest BGM's I've ever heard. You may know some, you may not know some. But, I've decided that they all deserve a place in the ChuckBlog Hall of Fame, and here goes.

Okay, this one's so amazing that I had to put it first. If you listen to any it better be this one. Chai kingdom was used in the GameBoy game, Super Mario Land. Throughout the game, Mario traveled around the world to save Princess Daisy. He went to Egypt, Easter Island, and an asian themed land named "The Chai Kingom." Chai Kingdom (the song) fits the mood perfectly and has an awesom bouncy beat.

Metal Gear II has some of the best game music I've ever heard. But the best, by far, is the Theme of Solid Snake. It perfectly captures the game's tactical espionage feeling, and may be one of the only BGMs that can be seriously danced to. This is some hardcore techno, blended with traditional BGM.

Metal Gear II isn't the only game with a lot of good BGMs. There is not a single one BGM that you cannot enjoy in Kingdom Hearts. Some of the best music, ever. The game has NO BAD TRACKS! Traverse Town is one I picked just because of how soothing it is. You don't get many soothing BGMs. If it was up to me, this and the Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat would be playing in elevators EVERYWHERE.

These are just a few of the great BGMs, and I think I'll continue m BGM Anthology posts, but this one definately was a success.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Exciting News for Owners of the 3DS!

For those of you who own a Nintendo 3DS, I have some very exciting news! You can recieve 20 free games! No joke! Here's what's going down. Nintendo is lowering the price of the 3DS to $170 so more people can afford one. But wait, what about all of the devoted fans who spent $250 to buy a 3DS eariler!? Well, Nintendo is letting you download 20 free games. Those include NES and GBA games! 20 of them, FOR FREE! So, if you have a 3DS, access the internet (eShop) before 11:59 Eastern time on August 11. When you do, you will be registered on a list to be able to download your 20n free games. Don't believe me? Click below.

There. Are you happy now? You can also use the MiiMaker to download my Mii using the image above. On the MiiMaker, simply click "QR Code/Image Options" and download it!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Classics Redone

This is a post worth posting. Why? Becuase, you can see it happening! Classics being redone. Let's elaborate. One of the best examples of this happening is the series of live action Transformers films. Transformers was an 80's cartoon, and now a hugely successful movie franchise. But you also have to keep in mind that it was also a hugely successful cartoon series. That's just one example, there are many more before I get to the big boys. Like the new Smurfs movie! That was a classic show, now film-ized. And that's a good thing. People are trying to bring back the classics. Some are doing a good job. Some... aren't. Take Speed Racer. This was a great show back in the day, great! There was an adequate live action adaptation that was okay, it wasn't really a revival. And then there was the attempt at the new TV series. It was titled "Speed Racer: The Next Generation." It tried to take what Speed Racer had been and modernize it, but it failed greatley. The blend of 3D and 2D style animation looked wrong for that kind of show. In all, a failure of a revival. And now to get to the two new revivals to look forward to. (One's already here, but just live with it) First is THUNDERCATS! That's right, the eighties cartoon is getting a serious revamp on Cartoon Network! Not only does the animation look sleek and beautiful, but the characters look great and less... creepy. The premire is Friday the 29th, so don't miss it. Next is the revistitation of VOLTRON!!! Voltron Force (As it is called because just naming it Voltron WOULDN'T be cool? Whatever, the new name is pretty cool) is a direct sequal to the awesome series Voltron (duh). Now, there is one thing I'm not fond of, and that's the attempt at fusion of 3D and 2D, just like Speed Racer. However, it's not AS bad as S.R. and Voltron actually looks really cool entierly redone in 3D. The show is great, really, and you should give it a try for fans of the series. There's a lot of negativity, but it's really great. And there you go, that's my Classics Redone for now. Maybe more later. Don't get your hopes up.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ghost Hunting! (Kinda)

Well, I've finally made another video, this time with my good friend Greyson (Snailmail27). We go on a pretend ghost hunting expedition into the unknown. Thumbs up for starman music!

Friday, July 15, 2011


It's hard to come up with scentances to start blog posts with for me. Usually I just wanna type "and now it's time for yet another new post" but I know that would be lame. This one's working out, though. Now, onto the subject of this post, childhood. The picture above may just look like a brown robot dancing in a chasm to some, but other will recognize it. I'll hopefully explain. The whole idea for a post about childhood came from my forums. We started a topic about childhood, and it's pretty interesting to see what happened. You can see the thread http// at the url you just read and maybe clicked on. Childhood for me was my years of five to eight, and then I kinda got over it and entered preteen stuff which is really weird, but no teenage weird. When I was five was when I got into just about everything I would cherish later. Well, some I wouldn't, but I still enjoyed them then. The first thing I discovered that was cool when I was five was Power Rangers. Yeah, I know. But I was five, and the low production value and horrible special effects went directly over my head. It was awesome. And I mean, what could have been cooler than three average teens who could "morph" into super heros? Nothing. At least at age five. The only seasons I ever watched were the Ninja, Dinosaur, and some of the SPD. What could have been possibly cooler? ENTER: BIONICLE. Mom actually thought that BIONICLE looked dark and creepy, so she prevented me from getting one. Dad, on the other hand, saw their cool potential and got me my first BIONICLE. Needless to say, it was love at first sight, spawning a lifetime love of all thing BIONICLE. There were also a lot of cartoons in my life like Danny Phantom, The Fairly Odd Parents, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, That Cartoon that had Something to do with Timon and Pumba but I can't Remember the Exact Name, and Spongebob. Those were my shows. It was at the end of my five-year-old run that I recieved a PlayStation 2, one of the greatest gaming consoles of all time. And what was my first game? Kingdom Hearts! I played that game nonstop for many years. The first one's the best (the second one isn't bad, but the DS games make me a little sad). And there you have it. My childhood. In post form

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Come on Guys! Let's Free Heroica!

"What in the good name of Voltron is this?" You may ask (because most people shamelessly Voltron's name in vain). This is what I scraped twenty bucks together to buy from Target and thought I needed to share with you. LEGO's new action/adventure board game HEROICA! That's right! HEROICA is a buildabe game in which you try to defeat evil monsters and accomplish one (or more) of many various goals. Is it fun? Why YES, it is. HEROICA is one of LEGO's coolest things on the market now, a truly enjoyable game. You actually have four different games to choose from. Each is fun within itself, but you can also combine them to form ONE SUPER GIGANTIC AWESOME GAME! Yes, it's a little nerdy, and a little DND, (don't ask) but hey, it's super fun for fans of LEGO. If you're looking for a good board game, buy thiss'n!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life (ChuckBlog Platinum Award)

Now, don't think of me like I'm some sort of guy who just hates Middle School. (Truth be told, there are a few places I'd rather be...) It's fine. But when I heard that James Patterson would be writing a book like this, I had to read it. I half expected it to be full of mutants, aliens, and paranormal witch-children (which I totally dig). But this book was someting else entirely. A good something else. Now, I would have initially thrown this into the genre of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and any of those spin-off books like, I dunno, The Dweeb Diaries (No, calm down, it's not real. I actually think there is a series called The Dork Diaries, come to think of it). But this book seems to be in a class of it's own. Trust me, that's a good thing. It's all about this kid named Rafe (I know, let's name him Joe! No, people will make fun of him for that, why not Rafe? Actually, his name comes into play in the story's plot, I just had to do that.) who enters MIDDLE SCHOOL. Anyway, he and his imaginary friend Leo embark on an epic quest to break every single rule in the school. And THAT is what gives this book platinum status. That's a concept I just love! However, ask my mom and you'll get a very different answer. The book is perfect for kids in middle school, kids who were in middle school, and kids who are yet to be in middle school. So just about everyone. Trust me, this is a good read. So I give it...




Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well, There Goes my Flatscreen. (Top 10 Wii!)

Some of you may be inquisitive as to the nature of the title of this post. And some may get the joke and chuckle quietly to themselves. Just think about it. Anywhichway, the Wii has had it's greats and it's "oh no, why would we do such a thing"s. But, we're here to talk about the greats. Humankind fell in love with the Wii when it was released and it's still a very popular system. And each great Nintendo has it's great games.


I've always been a fan of SimCity, and when it came out for Wii, I simply had to get it. The game is fun, simple, and gives you dozens of options and ulimited possibilities. It's just as if not even more to DESTROY IT WITH ALIEN MONSTERS! Mwahahaha!


This is the game that EVERYONE who's EVER owned a Wii will play. It really takes full advantage of your Wii's motion control. Just, use the wriststrap.


Disney's Epic Mickey is a Wii game in it's fullest form. It fully utilizes the pointing at the screen, flicking, and making havoc with creativity. Epic Mickey is a solid platformer that will keep you entertained and on tha Wii for a while, there's a lot to do. The story is also very interesting, giving life to once dead and forgotten characters.


It's the amazing classic, REDONE! And now, for the first time, you can play along with your friends at the same time! It takes the formula from Super Mario World and redefines it with fun and creative new leves and power-ups.


Let'sa go! The highly successful racing series, MarioKart came to the Wii, this time with a twist. You could use the WiiWheel to really drive the karts, and they used bikes. Blasting your friends with shells and ba-bombs is more fun than ever.


This game deserves the ChuckBlog Platinum Award for greatest music game. Use your Mii to play tons of songs on tuns of instruments, making music videos, albums, and really cool combinations. I played this for so long, I've done just about EVERYTHING.

Arguably the best FPS on the Wii, Metroid Prime takes a new Metroid Formula and combines all of it into one sleek package. All of the classic Gamecube controls are redone in Wii, so you can have a blast from the past now.


I've decided to include the original Mario Galaxy too. This game is THE platform for the Wii, giving you endless hours of anti-gravity fun and lotsa bonus content. It takes a while to get used to the whole concept of the Galaxies, but IT BE WOITH IT!


Zelda fans were starving for a good Ocarina after their initial dissapointment in Wind Waker (I loved that game, I don't really get it.). Twilight Princess delivered, and took full advantage of the Wii's capabilities. A darker Zelda game than any of it's predecessors, it took fans for a ride they won't forget. Perfect for fans of the series.


There it is. The best game on the Wii. Take all of your favorite Nintendo characters, toss them in a pot full of Mountain Dew, and make em fight one another! I still play it now, and it came out in 2008! GET THIS GAME!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Aha! Tis' finally here! The game I've been waiting for since E3 last year! THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME 3D! (Hooray!) Before I review this sucker, let's talk about the history of this game. In 1998, Nintendo released Ocarina of Time for their very successful N64. It quickly rose to fame, becoming the game of the year and it is currently the most critically acclaimed video game of all time. That's pretty boss. It was re-released with the same graphics on the Gamecube along with a Master Quest version to great acclaim. But, can you take that, and make it better? I say yes. So let's look at what makes the 3D version even better.

1. IT'S IN 3D
Come on, I know you saw that one coming. The game looks better than ever in 3D, so you're over here like, "Why? Why must Nintendo make something so awesome with so little battery power?"

And by revamp I mean their ENTIRELY REDONE. The graphics look soooooooo much better, I can't even tell you! Do you remember how old Link looked really awkward and weird in the 98 version (Kind of like Michael Jackson!)? Well, he actually looks like the art! So does EVERYONE else! You're seeing the same people, the way they were meant to be seen.

Yes! Now you don't have to plug it into your stinking Zenith to play it! You can take Ocarina with you wherever you go, and still have the same experience.

The game has a lot of new features like Gyro-Scope aiming (the only downside is, you can't really do it with the 3D). And a new BOSS CHALLENGE mode where you can battle bosses you've previously beaten. Not to mention that once you beat the intial game, you get to play the Master Quest, where everything is mirrored and the enemies do double damage!

So, in all, Ocarina of Time 3D is the world's greatest game, made even better! I give it a perfect


It deserves it!

Welcome Back! (Sorry!)

It has been an awful long time since an actual post on here. I'm very very sorry. You're probably like, "What's up with these weird pictures?" and there's a funny story behind them. Not that you'll ever hear it. (Actually, I needed a site to put them on, I can't do Flickr, so I just stuck them on here. Sorry, again.) So what have I been up to lately? Forums. That's me. My friends and I started some, and they didn't really work, so we started a new one. CYBER 3 FORUMS. You can find them here at Thanks for reading! I'm back in buisness!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Stupid forums, they never work right. And by that I mean I can't get into any. Forums of Destiny says I have no authority, and BZPower's down. So I started my own BIONICLE forum, BIONICForums. Visit here!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Time!

The show went great! And now, summer is at my doorstep! Only a few more days until finals and THEN, SUMMER TIME! It's gonna be great! Until then, this is Chuck and this is his Blog!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tale as Old as Time...

Well, the time has finally come. My school's production of Beauty and the Beast starts TOMMORROW! Can't wait! Opening night will probably be successful, and I think it all is going to be perfect, or at least, I hope. I guess no matter what happens tommorrow, I'll know I did my best (Cheesy, no?).

Friday, April 22, 2011

I'll Get the Knife

Yes, I have officially created a YouTube channel with my friends entitled "Get da Knife Studios." Yes, it IS a strange name, but it's also an inside joke. (In the musical we're doing, Beauty and the Beast, I have a mini-solo in which I sing "I'll get the knife!") It's nothing serious, we're just having fun with a camera and our IMAGINATION! So enjoy our kind of cruddy home-made videos! He're's the link to our channel. And here's a video with bad sound quality! (Starring ME!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Acapella Video Games

ChuckBlog breaking news! Funny and coolio story is coming on right now! Hello there, it is once again DaChucksta here to talk to you about something REALLY cool. It happened right after rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast. We were all just chillin outside when my pal Hayden started la-ing the Pokemon Center theme. I joined in, and so did Joe and Kit, and soon EVERYONE was la-ing the Pokemon Center BGM. It's one of those moments when you're like, "If I wasn't a nerd, my life would stink." Good times. Here's the video. Yes, I AM incredibly attractive!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do A Barrel Roll!

It's a shame I haven't done a Star Fox post yet. PROBLEM SOLVED! This isn't a ChuckBlog Platinum Award, but instead honoring a great game series. If you've never played any Star Fox games (StarFox 64, really...) but they are INCREDIBLE. It's one of the best plane shooter games ever, with great gameplay mechanics and a great storyline. I have a video game heritage to say, because my family is FULLA gamers. I inherited my cousins SNES and 64 along with their Star Fox games. They really changed my outlook on games and i'm glad I played them. There hasn't been a lot of Star Fox activity lately though. There was a successful GameCube game, but it simmered down soon. Then came a stategy version for the DS, and it was just confusing, and my hopes for the next new Star Fox post began to simmer into the dust. But then came out le 3DS, and my hopes for fox was renewed! StarFox 64 3D! It's coming out soon so you had better be ready! It's the same AMAZING game, but in 3D! It's like Daft Punk + The Glitch Mob! The formula always equals EPIC WIN! So, for everyone else out there who blew all their money on the 3DS, GET THIS GAME! (Next to Ocarina of Time 3D of course.) Until next time!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

That's A Lot of D.

It was just a myth. Something that couldn't actually happen. And yet here it is. I totally just spent all of my money on THE NINTENDO 3DS!!! (Trumpet Fanfare) At first I thought it would just be another Virtual Boy, but that was before I saw what it could do. It can do SOOO much. It's like a portable 3-D Wii! The 3-D doesn't come out at us, it goes back and the quality is incredible. It's easily cooler than the Kinect or PlayStation Move! I was lucky enough to get the last 3DS of eight left at GameStop. The rest won't ship until Chirstmas. I highly suggest you get one then. It will change your life. Maybe. Or at least it will change your outlook on gaming. Until next time....


Along with PLATINUM AWARDS it seems that I also do A LOT of posts about TRON. This one is kind of about TRON, but mostly Daft Punk's new album. If I have never told you before, Daft Punk is my favorite band, and I was totally psyched when it was announced they were composing the score to Legacy. So when it came out I bought the whole album. Just to sum it up, it rocked my socks and is up there in my favorites. But get just a little taste of Daft Punk and it leaves you wanting SO MUCH MORE! Many a comment I have seen that says "You guys should TOTALLY remix some of your tron songs!" or "REMIX THE SONGS OR ELSE." And so the album shown above does just that. TRON: Legacy R3CONFIGUR3D. It comes out the eleventh and will include remixes by The Glitch Mob, (YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!) The Japaneese Popstars, and more! So smash open those piggybanks for an album that's sure to be a success!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Turns out that i'm not the only one who likes blogs. After seeing what I was capable of, my two good friends Drew (Dragon Drew) and Dozier (The Ginger Queen) have also created blogger blogs. Find them here. (Drew's) And here. (Dozier's) Enjoy them. But not as much as you like mine.

No Ninjas and Ginjas 2...

Unfotunately, due to a lack of time and materials, Ninjas and Ginjas 2 will never happen. The camcorder is off limits, and the ability to write it has gone with the time. If only there was a way, but there isn't. I hope that soon therw will be, but it will fall on death ears. Goodbye, my generation...

So, now that i'm done with that sap-fest I had better go tell the guys. Till next post!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Movie Review! Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2

Diary of a Wimpy Kid may be the greatest book series of ALL TIME! Not to mention that it's hilarious. However, when I saw the first movie I was more than dissapointed. It left me with a bad feeling in my mouth. Or soul. But the sequel is definately better than the first. Baby steps man, baby steps. Yeah... Anywhichway, this movie really made me smile, so don't put it down just because the first one totally sucked. Hopefully, by the time "The Last Straw" comes out, the movie will be in it's prime! Hopefully



Monday, March 28, 2011

Chuck's Blog (?)

I just LOVE to find things like this all over the web. That's right, this is "Chuck's Blog," my strange, mirror-reality counterpart. To tell the truth, I haven't even read this "Chuck" guy's blog but I can guarentee you just by looking at that mini snapshot that it's all about trade and business and stuff that a teenage guy like me wouldn't be interested in. No offense to other Chuck. I don't dislike your blog. I just find it ironic that we share a blog name, but have completely different topics. Check out "Chuck's Blog"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Annoying Weekday

What you just watched (or hopefully didn't) was the song sensaton that's sweeping the nation, (or the floor) Rebecca Black's "Friday." *Sigh...* These are the videos that make me hate the internet. I mean, viruses, you can get rid of. But this song is forever playing inside my head! I don't know if this is supposed to be a joke or actually a serious song, BUT IT IS HORRIBLE! This song makes me want to barf rainbows or something. I'm sorry Rebecca Black if you ever read this. But there are some things so great that I have to post about them, and then some so REVOLTING that I also have to. I mean, the best I can give it is a ChuckBlog Tarnished Aluminum Foil Award. So until next time...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Regular Show (ChuckBlog Platinum Award)

I really have been doing a lot of "Platinum Awards" lately, so this one may be one of my last ones for a while. (Oh, and while I was out at Target, I found a Dig-Dug shirt for ten bucks!) This award is for "Best Cartoon." This one was a doozie, considering that there are few to none good cartoons out today. I mean, I was looking through, and I saw an ad for this show called "The Problem Solvers" which MAY be the second or first worst cartoon I ever saw. Cartoons were at their best before my time, As I entered in a small, golden age/dark age, considering there were REALLY good cartoons and AWFUL HORRIBLE VOMIT PREVOKING ones. Cartoons turned from good humored to... well, gross. Like, ripping the skin off of someone, or bulging eyeballs, or LOTS AND LOTS OF SPIT! Then, there were those incredible cartoons that popped up like Avatar, The Fairly OddParents, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, etc. And then another dark age, worse than before. Until this. Regular Show. Although some may not find it to be the best show ever, I love it, considering it's wacky cast of characters and incredibly unpredictable plotlines. (Like, in the episode "Just Set up the Chairs," The protagonists, Mordecai and Rigby, are tasked with setting up the chairs for a birthday party, and while on "break" they stumble across a demon possessed arcade machine that unleashes THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS, a giant 8bit devil head that launches fire blasts...) Really, I like it because it reminds me of, me! I find myself to be able to relate to both Mordecai and Rigby. And If you're like me, you will too. So, please, give it a shot. For a good starter episode, "Mordecai and the Rigbys." Trust me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Homemade TRON (ChuckBlog Platinum Award)

I now give you another ChuckBlog Platinum award for... Best Home Video! And Homemade TRON: Legacy wins everytime.

Picture Search! (?)

Hello there, once again, I am Charles, and these are... pictures? Yes, these are three of the MANY pictures I wish I could have placed in my posts, and they found a home here. The one on my left is from my third post, and this one is a pretty raging picture of a pie that has PIE FLAVOR. The next one is from my previous post that shows Pooka and the dragon...thing(?) from Dig Dug. And last is cat Link. This one from "You Recieved Anniversary!" I think that cat deserves a ChuckBlog Platinum Award. But, maybe not. So there you are. Now we have happy people. And happy pictures.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

DIG DUG (ChukBlog Platinum Award)

Some of you may be confused as to what this title means, or, even what "Dig Dug" is. But i'll explain. I've decided there are some games, movies, books, etc., that need an award that already havent been given one. One such game is Dig Dug. Oh yeah, Dig Dug. Although it has gone through a good bit of media coverage in the last few years, it has remained forgotten for too long now. For those of you who read my Arcade Post, Dig Dug would have to be my favorite arcade game of all time. You play as a digger with a shovel, and an air pump. Your goal? Destroy the evil pookas and dragons hidden underground. With all sorts of creative ways to blow up your enemies, Dig Dug is an unsung arcade hero. And so today I'm awarding it with the ChukBlog Platinum Gamer's Awrard for it's awesomeness. And I had a good few runner ups too. Like Rally X and Bosconian. So now we bid these games farewell. And before I close on the topic of Arcade games for a while, I found something you might like.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogging From School

Right about now, I'm blogging from my school computer lab, when i'm SUPPOSED to be doing the world's worst assignment. Copying and pasting computer terms from a website. Whoever wrote this has no life and is tormenting a class full of innocent children. You know, this is kinda like checking you email at the office in 2001. I feel like an illegal hacker or something, and when she notices I'm on Blogger, i'm in big doody. But she hasn't noticed yet, so i'm going to post in three...two...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This year marks the 25th anniversary of what could possibly be the best video game series of all time. (Yes, I still love Scribblenauts, but this seriously shaped my childhood.) There may be no better concept than recieving a reliable wooden sword from a random old man, and setting out to save a princess from an evil pig monster who has scattered a magical triangle into eight pieces across the land and... (But I digress) The Legend of Zelda (NES) rose quickly to fame because it was a "do whatever you want and eventually you'll find something cool" game. It was quickly devoured by the public and loved by all. Zelda would then see a sequel, AND a television miniseries. (That unfortunately didn't last long at all.) But it wasn't until 1998, that Zelda would change the face of gaming forever. With the release of Ocarina of Time (N64) Zelda struck gold and created one of the best video games in history. (EAT IT COD!) With an incredible sequel (Majora's Mask n64) and super publicity, Zelda was making history! To this day I find it sad that most people don't appreciate or go over A Link To The Past, (SNES) it being the inspiration and predecessor of Ocarina. From there, Zelda was an unstoppable train of great games. Wind Waker, (GameCube) Minish Cap, (GameBoy) and Twilight Princess. (Wii) Nowadays, Zelda is still a prominant force in the gaming world. However, Zelda's last two releases for the DS were not recieved well by the public. (Including me!) BUT! There are two very good Zelda games coming out soon that I would advise ANYONE buy. One, Skyward Sword (Wii) will fully utilize the Wii's WiiMotion Plus. The other (Drumroll please.) is a remake of Ocarina of Time exclusive to the 3DS! So Zelda fans let out a triumphant cheer! And celebrate 25 years of Zelda!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

RARE AND NEW! (Disney Pics!)

Above this text, you will see old grainy pictures. Well, those old, grainy pictures was taken in 2010 with my state of the art disposable flash KODAK camera! (YAY!) And so my entire trip to Walt Disney World in 2010 is now available. (Sure did take me long enough.) The above picture is us by that Headless Horseman resturaunt getting our picture taken in front of Cinderella's Castle. And then there's me with Pooh. Yep. That was a gyood. trip.

Friday, February 18, 2011


During my computer class, I have had the time to work on a film adaptation of ninjas and ginjas. If I can, I will post it on youtube and let you see it. If so, I hope you enjoy! I've also auditioned for my school's production of Beauty and the Beast! Wish me luck! For all the details on that, visit

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chuck Radio!

While exploring my new electronic device, The NOOK Color, I discovered something very interesting. Well, maybe not discovered, but got in the loop on. Pandora. No, not the planet from AVATAR, (Worst movie ever!) but the website devoted to internet radio. Now, I'm on there too! You can find my profile easily. I'm still "Da Chucksta." Or you can click to see my profile! That easy! You should listen to some of my stations. (They're Constantly changing!) Like "Mellophonic" and "RAGE-0." See you there! (Maybe?)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Postin' Bout Mah Peeps.

This post is dedicated to "MAh Peeps?!" Yeah, I DID just capitialize the "A" in "mah." First ima post about Chase, my inspiration for Jacky Chase in Ninjas and Ginjas. To tell the truth, I've been getting like a bajillion requests for me to post about people. Including the dude who is sitting right next to me now, Drew. (Dragon Drew.) And my bud Jacob. (Samurai Jacob, who I REALLY should have named Japaneese Jacob.) We all come together to form some kind of weird disfunctional family type community, even Dozier (The Ginger Queen). To tell the truth this is gonna end up being more of a Behind the Scenes of "Ninjas and Ginjas." It already has.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Land of Arcades

I dearly hope i'm not the only one who's noticed that there are a surprising lack of arcades in America nowadays and that the ones that are there are usually cruddy. Perhaps arcades were at their best in the eighties and nineties, but have hit rock bottom today. Now that there are home consoles, arcades just aren't useful anymore. Perhaps we have Nintendo to blame for that, but I'm not too mad. Arcades wouldn't have survived anyway. The arcade game today are awful, about half of them being photo booths or basketball shootouts. There are a few of the titans like, SPACE INVADERS, MRS. PAC MAN, GALAGA, STREET FIGHTER, and TRON that may still be sighted, but most have been packed away or sold. Pinball machines now dominate as well. I'm very distressed over this and think AMERICA needs more of the good ol' arcades that dotted citys and towns years ago. But my wish may never be granted. At least their are people like the ones who posted the below video who seem to invision my sights.

For those of ou who share my views, I wish we could challenge each other's high scores.

Blandon Iceberg

I guess i'm just writing this because I need to have something to do. It's mainly about this kid named Branden. He's a junior, and our speech teacher's assistant. Every day we jump upon him and force him to the ground. It's very entertaining and if you have a Branden in your school, you should totally attack him too.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ninjas And Ginjas

Recently I wrote a play for class I entitled "Ninjas and Ginjas." Here it is.

The Ninjas and Ginjas

on upon a time a loooooooong long long long long LONG time ago there was a clan of ninja
The Ninja were great buddies and all loved Oprah. But they hated Samurai. And the samurai they
hated the most was Bonsai Brandon. Bonsai Brandon was a weak but influential Samurai who worked
directly for Lord Dr. Turnipseed. Bonsai Brandon also hated the ninja. Choppy Charles was the leader
of the ninja. He was master of Panda Style. Jackey Chase was the master of monkey style. Also there was Dragon
Drew, master of dragon style. One day the guys were in a heated argument over Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream.
Jacky: I prefer vanilla!
Charles: As do I
Drew: you guys are both totally knuckleheads, chocolate 0wns vanilla all day long!
Jacky: You little-
NEWS: We interrupt your argument to bring you breaking news! The queen of the ginger clan has been
kidnapped by order of Lord Dr. Turnipseed by Bonsai Brandon. This is your 5 o clock unnecisarry story
provoking news, signing out. By the way, she's willing to cough up some major cash if she's rescued!
Jacky: OMG! I had a date with her tonight!
Charles: YOu loser.
Jacky: Shut up. You wish you had a girlfriend.
Drew: Guys! Quit arguing about your worthless lovelives! This is important! We ninja could be rich! If we save her!
Charles: Drew! For once you're right! We should totally go get in the Ninjamobile!
Jacky: hate to kill your thunder, but we don't have a ninjamobile.
Charles: Okay, let's powerwalk there.


Drew: We're here!
Jacky: Now to find and obliterrate bonsai brandon!
Charles: Yeah! Let's walk through these mysterious woods that probobably contains important characters!
Narr: So the ninja explored the wierd important character conataining woods, searching for Bonsai Brandon-
Drew: Hey narrator, be quiet! I just noticed someone!
Jacob: The person you noticed was I, SAMURAI JACOB!
Jacky: You have obvious ego issues
Jacob: duel me, or lose your honor forever!
Drew: Fine then!
Charles: Ninja group 4b7 activate battle plan Q!
The ninja strike a nerdy powery rangers pose and charge Jacob. Jacob grabs charles by the neck and throws him
into jacky. Drew then sneaks up behind him, and rubs his face in his armpit, causing a KO.
Drew: Who needs deoderant! Jacky wake up!
Jacky: Dude! No! I'm obviously knocked out here!
Charles: I'm awake! What should we do with this bozo?
Jacob: buy him sugary sweets!
Charles: Heck no
Jacob: awwww....
Jacky: Wait guys! Look there! I can see the top of a palace!
Charles: Bonsai Brandon's Palace?
Jacky: No! Pizza Palace.
Drew: Cut it out!
Jacob: Who are you guys?
Charles: We ARE Saint James!
Jacob: Wha?
Jacky: No! Were ninja!
Jacob: (Sly Smile) I LOVE Ninja! What are you doin?
Charles: We're trying to find BONSAI BRANDON and rescue the ginger queen from his chubby graps!
Jacob: Wow! Me too! Let's team up!
Narr: So Jacob and the ninja teamed up to find and kill bonsai brandon!


Jacky: This must be the place.
Charles: Bonsai Brandon's Princess Palace!
Jacky: To tell the truth, I would have preferred the pizza palace.
Drew: We all would have.
Jacob: Well, as long as we rescue the Ginger Queen, I'll be happy.
Charles: Agreed. Let's head on in!
The three ninja moved into the creepy castle and find someone sobbing on the floor.
The Ginger Queen!
Jacky: Excuse me miss, you must be the Ginger Queen!
The sobbing lady stands up, revealing herself to be a man to the disgust of the ninja.
Drew: You're not a queen at all!
The GQ: Yeah, well, we have no queen, so I decided to fill in.
Charles: Would it not be easier to be king?
GQ: King? Hadn't thought of that one!
Jacky: So when do we get the reward?
GQ: Oh! Well, you haven't rescued me yet.
Drew: Coolio. Say, why did Lord Dr. Turnipseed kidnao you?
GQ: Oh! He thought I was a REAL queen. Boy was he diapointed.
Charles: I bet. Now come on! Let's get out of here!
Jacky: By the way, our date is cancelled and WE ARE OVER.
QG: Dang,
Narr: And so the ninja, Jacob, and the Ginger Queen thing quested to escape Bonsai Brandon's Palace. But Jacob had another idea.
Jacob: Everyone stop!
Jacky: What's up broski?
Jacob: I'm sorry, but I forgot to mention that i'm secretly a DOUBLE AGENT!
Drew: What do you mean?
Jacob: I mean that I secretly work for Bonsai Brandon! And I'm going to DESTROY YOU!
Charles: Ha! Nice Chance! It's three ninja vs one samurai! You're hopeless!
Jacob: Oh am I?
Bonsai Brandon enters.
Jacky: Bonsai Brandon!
BB: Tha's Right! And now i'm going to kill all you ninja! It was all part of my plan!
Drew: What on Earth?
BB: I secretly conspired to kidnap Ginger Queen because I knew Jacky Chase would exclaim in the middle of a fight over ice cream that you could get rich! Then I sent my nephew Samurai Jacob to lure you to my FAKE palace which is actually a giant bomb that has only one escape pod!
There is a moment of intense silence.
Narr: Dude, even I didn't see that coming.
BB: Yeah, I know.
Charles: Well there's a fat chance that your gonna win now Blagrant Blandon! Wer'e ninja! We can get out of anywhere!
Jacob: OR CAN YOU?
There is an intense battle that takes up the good part of a minuite. At the end, Bradon's on the ground crying and Jacob is in the corner, sucking his thumb. However, Jacob did a real number on Charles who is lying on the ground singing "I'm a little teapot."
Jacky: Give it up Quizzical Quandon, you can't win!
BB:Noooo! My plan was so perfect!
Narr: Or was it?
The narrator pulls out a gun and motions for everyone to get on the ground.
Jacky: Really? The NARRATOR!?
Narr: Yeah, that's right, it's me! No one ever suspects the narrator! I'm gonna get away with the Ginger Queen's Treasure!
The narrator reaches into the GQ'S pocket and pulls out a piece of paper.
Narr: A coupon for half off at Victoria's Secret?! What's wrong with you?!
GQ: A queen has got to play her part, right?
Charles: Listen, we've got to work together and get out of here!
The ninja, samurai, and queen run off towards a door, when The ninja, Jacob, and Narrator get through, they close the door on the Bonsai Brandon and the queen to let them die.
Drew: Smooth moves guys! Too bad we didn't get rich though.
Jacky: I think today we got the riches of friendship.
Brief Pause
All: NAH!

copyright 2011 CPainter Studios\