Thursday, November 17, 2011

Raw, Unfiltered Anticipation

It's like I'm trapped in a bottle. My excitement for this game is about to boil over into a plethora of energetic spasms! Okay, not really, but I am too excited about this game. During marching band, time was a precious resource that rarely chose to abide with me, but now I seem to have so much that I need something to fill it. And my excitement is DEFINATELY filling it right about now. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has gotten at least four perfect 10s that I've seen and innumerable 9.5s and so on. It looks like I'm going to have to update my top 10 Wii list because THIS TAKES THE NUMBER ONE SPOT ALREADY! AND I HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED IT YET! Wow. I just capitalized, bolded, italicized, and underlined that. I think I need to sit down...

Another thing that's got me all hyped up is that I ordered the awesome edition that comes with a golden WiiMotion Plus Remote. I've also heard it comes with the Zelda Syphony CD but that might be just a myth.

In order to stave off my all consuming Zelda hunger, I've found myself reverting to something else. Cartoons from my childhood. In ordered the first season of Samurai Jack on Netflix and it should be in today.

When Skyward Sword comes out, you may not hear from me for a while (because ALL THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY I shall be playing) but rest assured a review shall come. And it will blow your tiny minds.

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