Thursday, December 15, 2011


I figure I need a post just to talk about some stuff going down and this will be that post. Entitled: UPDATUS. Anywhichway, There is some news going down around here. First off I know you've all seen the twitter blx in the bottom right corner. For some reason I can't get it to post my tweets, but read my tweets here. They're like mini blog posts or whatever. Second of all, I've started watching some things. I watched the first season of Samurai Jack, and it was amazing. I really wish Toonami was still around so I could enjoy this, because Samurai Jack gets pretty intense. Now, I'm no big fan of anime, not at all; but the other day I found a trailer for a show that looked vaguely familiar called Oban: Star Racers. After thinking and thinking on it, I ended up recalling what it was. When I was younger (much) there was a division of  Disney called Toon Disney (you may know it as Disney XD now) and like all cartoon stations had it's "action" segment. Toon Disney used a division called "Jetix" to broadcast those shows. They showed Power Rangers, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go, that Tarzan Show, Yin Yang Yo, but one I specifically remember as always looking cool was Oban: Star Racers.I guess it was the awesome animation that looked so cool, so I wanted to watch it. Summary, if you have Netflix, watch this show. I don't care if you're not into anime, this show is a masterpiece! The animation is beautiful, the plot immense, and the characters unforgettable. This is a genuine awesome show. Alright, for the last chapter of UPDATUS we look to something rather old. You may recall a specific CYBER 3 FORUMS a while back started by my friends and I. It had a good run, but we eventually abandoned it. Well, we have renewed it with CYBER 4 FORUMS! That's right, now you can join CYBER 4! Just click the link here and be whisked away to a forum wonderland! Well, that's all for this update, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Alright, before I review this sucker, allow me to apologize. You see, I got this game three weeks ago and finished it one week ago (I thinks) and I haven't gotten around to my review until now. Please accept my humble apologies. Now that that's over with, let's DO THIS REVIEW.

The Legend of Zelda is undoubtedly my favorite video game series of all time. Between solving dangerous puzzles and defeating colossal enemies, I can get lost in the games' wonderful worlds. This ear is Zelda's 25th Anniversary, so I knew there had to be something special on the way. Back in E3 'O9, concept art for a new Zelda title was released, and it led many fans to speculation. However, a trailer was released the following year and it got us on track. We were headed for an adventure in the sky.

Zelda games are great for many reasons, but it's their stories that really hook me, and Skyward Sword is not exception. The story is a long epic (no spoilers, I promise) that will change the way you look at the Zelda universe forever. Also, it was announced to be a prequel of  Ocarina of Time, which is considered the first game in the series's non-existent (cough) timeline. Prepare yourself for the most cinematic and emotional Zelda ever, you won't want to skip the cutscenes (which you can do now). Also, ready yourself for incarnations of characters you hadn't yet imagined.

Gameplay has changed dramatically from the first Zelda to today. This game falls under the 3D type adventure (reminiscent of Ocarina, Wind Waker, Twilight, etc.) and does the best job yet. But really, it's the motion controls that make the game. I remember being so psyched when I first saw Wii's motion controls. Although they quickly became common, I longed for a game that could push them to the maximum. Meet Skyward Sword. Using WiiMotion Plus, this game tracks every sword swipe, arrow, and bomb with scary precision. It's the game the Wii was made to play.

Let's face it, the Wii has limited graphics capability. When showing my friend (We'll call him Steven) Skyward Sword's perfect 10 review on Game Informer, he merely laughed and mocked the graphics. He mocked some of the Wii's best graphics. Skyward Sword stands up to Super Mario Galaxy 2 (excellent game) as having the best graphics on Wii. The painting style looks beautiful, blending Twilight Princess's rough realistic graphics with Wind Waker's cell-shaded cartoony feel. And the music! Oh... my favorite music  in the WORLD comes from Zelda, and this is no exception. With a full orchestra, be ready for some of the best Zelda music ever. Eat it Steven!

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is by far the best game on Wii (I have to update my list), blending puzzle solving with action like it always has. The controls are natural and fluent, which is what the Wii originally promised, but we didn't receive until now. The story is one of Zelda's best, and so is the presentation. Not only is this Zelda's best game to date, it's also the Wii's.


Hey, it's my review! I can do that.