Saturday, March 5, 2011

DIG DUG (ChukBlog Platinum Award)

Some of you may be confused as to what this title means, or, even what "Dig Dug" is. But i'll explain. I've decided there are some games, movies, books, etc., that need an award that already havent been given one. One such game is Dig Dug. Oh yeah, Dig Dug. Although it has gone through a good bit of media coverage in the last few years, it has remained forgotten for too long now. For those of you who read my Arcade Post, Dig Dug would have to be my favorite arcade game of all time. You play as a digger with a shovel, and an air pump. Your goal? Destroy the evil pookas and dragons hidden underground. With all sorts of creative ways to blow up your enemies, Dig Dug is an unsung arcade hero. And so today I'm awarding it with the ChukBlog Platinum Gamer's Awrard for it's awesomeness. And I had a good few runner ups too. Like Rally X and Bosconian. So now we bid these games farewell. And before I close on the topic of Arcade games for a while, I found something you might like.