Sunday, October 30, 2011

Robots in Disguise? Or in The Skies?

What's trending with Chuck right now? Transformers. That's what's trending with Chuck now. About a week ago I was wandering the sacred halls of my local Target when I stumbled upon the complete first season of Transformers! Yes, Generation 1 Transformers, not the nightmare inducing Beast War Transformers or the spasm inducing Anime Armada Transformers (or the unfathomably disturbing Animated ones...). No, these are the legit first episodes of the first season. Long story short I was hooked and spent many a night watching Optimus Prime battle Megatron (who could turn into a Walther P38) and all of the classic Transformers transform and such. I bought the first comics, read through them, enjoyed them. I was Transformers crazy. And then I noticed something. Transformers was at it's absolute best in the first generation. Lemme tell you what goes down. After G1, there was this awkward transition into G2, which led to the Transformers Movie. And as much of a fan of Unicron as I am, this movie makes me... sad. Let's take a looksie at why. Okay, movie opens. So, we're looking at the same basic formula of Lazerbeak the evil Descepticon bird spying on the Autobots. Okay, so Megatron's going to attack, what else is new? Okay, the battle begins. Wait! You just- what?! Long story short (again) THEY PRETTY MUCH KILL OFF ALL OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS! Ratchet, dead! Ironhide, dead! They even killed Wheeljack, my all time favorite! Why?! They go on to kill Megatron (kinda) and even Optimus Prime himself. That's cool, you can do that. And by that I mean OF COURSE YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Talk about how to almost ruin a series. But really, if you're looking for some great Transformers nostalgia, pick up the first season. Totally worth it. Other than that there's Transformers: Prime, a pretty good Transformers series, along with the live action Transformers movies, which are excellent, even though they have nothing to do with the canon at all. Well there you have it, the Transformers.