Saturday, July 23, 2011

Classics Redone

This is a post worth posting. Why? Becuase, you can see it happening! Classics being redone. Let's elaborate. One of the best examples of this happening is the series of live action Transformers films. Transformers was an 80's cartoon, and now a hugely successful movie franchise. But you also have to keep in mind that it was also a hugely successful cartoon series. That's just one example, there are many more before I get to the big boys. Like the new Smurfs movie! That was a classic show, now film-ized. And that's a good thing. People are trying to bring back the classics. Some are doing a good job. Some... aren't. Take Speed Racer. This was a great show back in the day, great! There was an adequate live action adaptation that was okay, it wasn't really a revival. And then there was the attempt at the new TV series. It was titled "Speed Racer: The Next Generation." It tried to take what Speed Racer had been and modernize it, but it failed greatley. The blend of 3D and 2D style animation looked wrong for that kind of show. In all, a failure of a revival. And now to get to the two new revivals to look forward to. (One's already here, but just live with it) First is THUNDERCATS! That's right, the eighties cartoon is getting a serious revamp on Cartoon Network! Not only does the animation look sleek and beautiful, but the characters look great and less... creepy. The premire is Friday the 29th, so don't miss it. Next is the revistitation of VOLTRON!!! Voltron Force (As it is called because just naming it Voltron WOULDN'T be cool? Whatever, the new name is pretty cool) is a direct sequal to the awesome series Voltron (duh). Now, there is one thing I'm not fond of, and that's the attempt at fusion of 3D and 2D, just like Speed Racer. However, it's not AS bad as S.R. and Voltron actually looks really cool entierly redone in 3D. The show is great, really, and you should give it a try for fans of the series. There's a lot of negativity, but it's really great. And there you go, that's my Classics Redone for now. Maybe more later. Don't get your hopes up.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ghost Hunting! (Kinda)

Well, I've finally made another video, this time with my good friend Greyson (Snailmail27). We go on a pretend ghost hunting expedition into the unknown. Thumbs up for starman music!