Thursday, August 23, 2012

Poetry on Poet Trees (what?)

     Now, avid readers of Chuck Blog will probably be scratching their heads and thinking, "Poetry? What is happening? What is becoming of this world? Why must the good die young?!" These are all good questions: and I can probably answer the first one. Myself, being an aspiring young writer/computer engineer love to, well, write. That's why I keep up with this blog, it's a great place for me to write. Well, High School has started, and along with it comes mountains and mountains of homework. Keeping in mind my love of writing, insert into your mind that one of my favorite things to write is poetry. I think poetry is awesome, and writing it not only enhances one's ability and tests the mind, I also find it really really fun. So, without further ado, I present to you Homework, by Charles Painter.

"A long day of work, and more after that.
I’m dirty and groggy, my hair in a mat.
I return to my home, prepare to retire,
But my teachers, it seems, already conspired,
To take up my time, my rest now to shirk.
My afternoon now, taken up by homework!

First comes the English, long papers I dread.
Writing them, researching, I’d rather be dead.
The worksheets go on for infinity and more.
But really it’s grammar I truly deplore.

Latin then strikes, ruthless and craving.
Tedious work, the amount is dismaying.
Learning new words and writing them too,
Translating, contemplating, it is all, eww.

But all of this pales in compare to the king.
The destructor of all, the crusher of dreams.
It towers above, it’s evil is sickening.
Waves of malignancy, constantly emitting.

Math stands too tall, the cream of the crop.
On all my spare time, it threatens to stomp.
Problems and problems and problems galore,
The more I’m assigned, the more I abhor.

But, to tell the truth, it isn’t that bad.
Homework actually, doesn’t make me that mad.
Or the amounts, the problems for later,
Nor translating, grammar, or researching papers.
I suppose, being young, it always seems cruel,
And although, believe me, twill’ never be cool.
It doesn’t take long to get it all done.
Even if it’s not exactly quite 'fun'."

 This work is copyrighted material, any use without proper accreditation will be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

And there you have it, my poem on homework. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you didn't; well, that's okay too. You don't have to, but taking the time to read it and perhaps leaving a brief critique in the comments would be appreciated. So there you have it!