Sunday, September 11, 2011

World of Sand (ChuckBlog Platinum Award)

It's been a while since my last platinum award, and thisn's worth it! For iPad users (unlike myself) this is the perfect app. For all you guys on your computer, it's good for that too! But what is World of Sand? Well, I'll explain. World of Sand is a game that allows you to manipulate the flow of diffrent "sands" to create elaborate pictures, chain reactions, etc. World of Sand debuted as a CPU game called Falling Sand and quickly was converted to iPad as World of Sand. The mechanics are simple. Sand does nothing, water acts like water, oil burns, salt is salt, fire burns, walls keep the sand in, wak melts, plants grow in water, and ??? makes your entire work disentegrate (except for plants). That's in the original. All that and more is within the iPad version which includes liquid fire, methane, concrete, antimatter, snow, electricity, you name it! So, get creative on your iPad, and if you don't have one, click here!
So... let's sum this up.