Saturday, January 9, 2010


The first ChuckBlog post of the century! (Hooray!) I guess you expect me to warm up with the whole. "Welcome to the Blog of Chuck. The Blog of Chuck is a free environment where you can listen to the smooth and smarmy, (Oh P.S.! I will sometime make up words! I'm saying this because I don't know if 'smarmy' is a word or not. It sure sounds like it is.) voice of Chuck, the author of this blog." Well no sir-EE! You would probably have left by now. Unless you already have. Then you wouldn't be reading this. But never mind! So on to the posting. Local news isn't good, so i'll just start with Chuck Newz. (Heh heh. NEWZ.) My friend, Kay, also has a blog here called Jenny's Girls. (Oh and by the way, I wasn't payed 10 dollars to say that.;)) I think it has something to do with loosing weight. Not that she's fat. Women just worry to much about that stuff. In World News, SAVE THE WHALES! Apparently a whaling ship collided with a whale conservation ship. (Imagine that!) And truth be told, the owners of the ship have apparently been harassing the whalers to stop it. So it's been a pretty good clash. Ahh, whaling rivalries, sweet, restraining order inducing whaling rivalries.