Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movie Review! (Shrek 4)

Well, it seems like the great foursome of movies is over. I remember seeing the first Shrek in theaters and absolutley loving it. I enjoyed the second one as well. As for the third one, it just wasn't that good. I wouldn't advise seeing it unless you want to get the full storyline. I would advise seeing the new one though. Shrek 4 is a very good movie and has a very interesting storyline in which the villain, Rumplestiltskin, teaches Shrek a lesson about life. But I can't tell you what that lesson is because it would ruin some of the movie for you. But I can tell you that Shrek is in an alternate reality, and most of the characters are very different. Which leads to be very humurous. In fact, if I had to give this movie a rating of three and three fourths stars.Which means that if you want to see it, you should. It's definately better that "2" and "3" but not the first. The first was the best because of it's concept, storyline, and hilarious jokes. In all, I would advise seeing this movie if you enjoy the Shrek series.

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