Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hero Factory 4.0?

Okay, taking a break from Skyward Sword (yes, I know) I decided to do a little browsing on the internet. Anyway, I know I said some really bad things about Hero Factory at first, but it was mostly because of my frustration at the loss of BIONICLE. But I decided to give them a second chance and found that I liked most of it. It's no BIONICLE, but it'll do. For now. But, back to the story. I was browsing through the net and I thought to myself, "Hero Factory seems to have gone inactive!" Other than Savage Planet, they've done absolutely nothing since that movie was released. That's one of the major flaws of Hero Factory. They'll release every single one of their sets right off the bat, release a movie about a month later, and then just let it sit there and rot. BIONICLE worked differently. At least, it did after it caught the hang of things. They would release half of a series of sets, develop a story through books, comics, online stories, and animations. Then, they would release the other half and build from there through the end of the year. Sorry about that tangent, but I just needed to say it. ANYWAY, I began researching Hero Factory 4.0 (because that's obviously what they'd name it) and found a couple of pictures. And... here goes. So after the "advanced building system" was released for Hero Factory 2.0, it was designed specifically for the fire villains. I.E.they were equipped with "ice tools" and such. Hero Factory 3.0 introduced a jungle theme to the heroes, giving them animals to be modeled after. In Hero Factory 4.0, it seems that the heroes will be returning to their original forms in advanced system form. The new helmets for the 2.0 and 3.0 exclusive heroes look cool (see left picture) but they just reused the original helmets for the old heroes. That's... okay I guess. The theme seems to be focused on finding villains and cuffing them, as for prison. The theme looks okay, and I look forward to the set design. I guess they'll be in next year.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review on the way!

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while. Why? BECAUSE I'VE BEEN PLAYING NOTHING BUT SKYWARD SWORD! And family came in for Thanksgiving, so sue me (don't really). Anyway, I've almost completed Skyward Sword (I think) and so I'm also that bit closer to a review (yes, I know the fate of mankind rests on this review). I can't fully review this game until I complete it, and thus know the story. Once I do, I will review and review it hard. So prepare yourself. In other news, I now have a twitter account. Follow me, I'm CPainter307. It's a bummer that Thanksgiving break is coming to a close, it's zoomed by at the speed of light if it had an invincibility star (don't know where I was going there). So prepare yourself. Prepare...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

SKYWARD SWORD! First Impressions

(trumpet fanfare) It's here! It's finally here! THE NEWEST AND BADDEST ZELDA GAME IS HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! Okay, now that that's over... let's look at my first impressions. I'm definately not ready to do a review, since I've only scratched the surface (I'm about to enter the first dungeon) and so far I LOVE everything. The characters, storyline, gameplay, and even graphics are the best on Wii, and the motion controls feel fluent and beautiful. But, we still need talk about one thing I'm not too happy with (WHAT?!) and that would be the shields. The controls for the shields are too awkward, and take away from the sword experience. Or, at least they have so far. Maybe I just suck at this game. On the hyper-positive side, this Zelda game is unlike any other, and in a hyper-positive way! Instead of walking for endless hours through Hyrule field to get to a dungeon, the areas leading up to the dungeons pretty much are dungeons! And, there's a dash button! That's pretty cool! Anyway, this is by far one of the best games I have ever played, so get ready for a stellar review!