Friday, August 13, 2010

Favorite Disney Characters

Well, I have to have at least ONE cheesy post per year and I guess this is it. My three favorite disney characters. I mean, we all have a favorite (or two(or three)) but I've decided to post mine. Walt Disney is one of the greatest minds of all time. His work is by far, the best. Second to none. So as far as favorites go, here are my three.

3. Tigger

What's not to love about Tigger? He's eccentric, fun-loving, and all around crazy! I can really relate to Tigger. He can be over the top, too wild, and accidently mess things up in an attempt to make everyone happy. Kinda like me. Or I'M kinda like TIGGER. Who knows?
Refference: Winnie The Pooh
2. Jose Carioca
One of the Three Caballeros and one of the most fluent speaking portuguese parrots I've ever heard of. He's a great friend, has a good heart, (and a little eye for the ladies) and One of Donald Duck's best friends.
Refference: The Three Caballeros and Saludos Amigos
1. Chernabog
It saddens me that not too many people have heard of Chernabog. The greatest Disney baddie of all time. (Next to the MCP.) If you don't know who Chernabog is, look up at the top of the post. See that big demon guy? THAT'S Chenabog! Still not ringing a bell? By show of hands, who here has seen Fantasia? If you haven't... you stink. Just kidding. But seriously. SEE THAT MOVIE! If you have seen it but don't remember, it's the movie where Mickey puts on the nerdy hat and all of the brroms mop. For those of you who HAVE seen Fantasia, Chernabog is the big guy in the volcano where A Night on Bald Mountain is playing. The guy can seriously summon an army of skeletons by casting a shadow! That is awesome! Can you do that? (If you can, send me a video and I will give you the "As Cool as Chernabog" certificate)Anyone who can live in a volcanoe and summon an army by casting a shadow is up there in my book!
Refferences: Fantasia, Mickey's House of Villains
I'm sorry, those who thought I would say "Donald, Goofy, and Mickey." Those guys do rock. But these guys are the underdogs! The great characters that go by unnoticed! They need appreciation! And that's why I posted this.
The End...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

End of an era (R.I.P. BIONICLE)

Hello! Once again it's Chuck here to tell you all about.... stuff. This post however is not a very happy one. It's to mark the end of an era. The end of a LEGO era. Starting in 2001, BIONICLE was the way LEGO branched out into action figures. Growing up in my younger days, I was OBSESSED with BIONICLES. At first, my mom wouldn't let me get BIONICLES because she thought they were "dark" and "scary." But I soon convinced her otherwise and I bought one. I was hooked. The storyline was incredible, the characters were memorable, and everything about it was cool! That was ten years ago. This years sets were BIONICLE STARS consisting of some of the coolest characters. But they would be the last. Yes. In 2010, BIONICLE ended. If you do not believe me, go to this adress.

Yes, the toy that inspired a decade is over. Possibly LEGO'S greatest achievement is flushed down the drain. Being replaced by a new line of figures called, HERO FACTORY. Who knows, maybe BIONICLE isn't over. Maybe it WILL come back. But not in the forseeable future. So until then. (If it ever comes) cherish a toy that made alot of people happy. A toy that redefined what LEGO was all about. Cherish BIONICLE.

P.S. This is my favorite BIONICLE vid of all time!