Monday, August 1, 2011

Exciting News for Owners of the 3DS!

For those of you who own a Nintendo 3DS, I have some very exciting news! You can recieve 20 free games! No joke! Here's what's going down. Nintendo is lowering the price of the 3DS to $170 so more people can afford one. But wait, what about all of the devoted fans who spent $250 to buy a 3DS eariler!? Well, Nintendo is letting you download 20 free games. Those include NES and GBA games! 20 of them, FOR FREE! So, if you have a 3DS, access the internet (eShop) before 11:59 Eastern time on August 11. When you do, you will be registered on a list to be able to download your 20n free games. Don't believe me? Click below.

There. Are you happy now? You can also use the MiiMaker to download my Mii using the image above. On the MiiMaker, simply click "QR Code/Image Options" and download it!!!