Saturday, January 1, 2011

Movie Review! TRON: Legacy

Even though it's New Year's Day, I don't think i'm gonna do any special "New Year's Resolution" post. I've been dying to do a review on TRON: Legacy. So here we go. My first responce to seeing trailers to TRON was, "Oh my goodness. TRON 2!!!!" I was super excited. TRON (1982) was one of my favorite movies and this movie looked sweet! And then I went to see it. And here is my opinion. The movie itself was very good. The plot was allitle weak, but had some interesting twists. And the special effects, INCREDIBLE! Best special effects i've ever seen! The actors were pretty good. Jeff Bridges really added a touch of comedy to the mix. As for the 3D, here's the thing. 3D has been ruined. There are no good 3D moves anymore. There are just movies where you put on 3D glasses. I remember when you had the red and blue glasses and every other scene someone was stretching their hand at the camera or throwing something at you or litterally jumping out of the frame. Nowadays, you might get that in one scene. If at all. (The best 3D I have ever seen was on my trip to Walt Disney World. It was called, "Mickey's Philhar Magic.") As for TRON, it had a few good 3D moments, but overall, it would have been just as good without it. I give it
And there you have it. As for seeing it. SEE IT! You really need to see it! Great movie! Just have fun. Good movie.

Friday, December 31, 2010

20th Post Spectacular!

This is my 20th post indeed! So to kick it off, I'm going to tell you the story of how this blog began, and a recap on all the posts up to today! Let's go!

BEGINNINGS- I guess this whole bloig thing started when my family watched Julie and Julia. (Well, I didn't watch it, I played video games.) That movie gave my mom, aunts, and cousins an idea. They would make a blog! (The blog is innactive now, but you can view it. It's called Jenny's Girls.) Their idea gave me an idea, I would start a blog! At first the answer was NO, but with the help of my persuasive powers, I convinced my parental unit to let me use a blog under her profile, which is where this all began.

WELCOME!- This was my first post and to tell the truth, I didn't really know what to write about. (I truly thought I made up the word "smarmy" until I was told it was a real word.) I decided I would introduce myself and talk about what's going on with world news (NEWZ, Im still slapping myself for that.) I recall mentioning my mom's blog in there, and something about whales. I was really just experimenting. Product: not so great.

A NEW POST- Naming my posts obviously was something I needed to work on at this point. I remember this being the last day of school, and there were like a TON of new movies coming out. (I never did see Robin Hood.) But what interested me most was my new ability to add YouTube movies to the mix. I picked one that was cool, just to toy around.

PIE FLAVOR- This is going down as one of my favorite posts. During school, my buds and I had discovered this hilarious internet video, "asdfmovie2" that cracked us up all da time. I remember being so fond of it, I planned to make a clothing line based off of it. It's still hilarious.

MOVIE REVIEW! (SHREK 4)- After seeing Shrek 4, I decided to try my hand at reviewing. I suppose it was good enough, but no one really reads this blog anyway, so I couldn't tell. (A whopping 1 follower!

GAMES ARE FUN (TOP TEN 64)- This post was dedicated to my favorite game system of all time, the nintendo 64. I stayed uo nights upon nights playing that old thing, and I always loved it. The only thing I regret about that post is not including GoldenEye 007.

FEAR OF CLOWNS- This was a matter that distressed me. Why were people so afraid of clowns? Their job is to make you happy? I for one love clowns. (But i'm horribley afraid of jellyfish!)

MOVIE REVIEW: SORCERER'S APPRENTICE- What can I say, reviewing movies is pretty entertaining.

END OF AN ERA (R.I.P. BIONICLE)- BIONICLES were something that had really influenced my childhood, and it made me very sad to see them go. Even though I didn't really buy them anymore, it was comforting to know that the next generation of kids could have them too. That dream was crushed.

FAVORITE DISNEY CHARACTERS- For anyone who thought this post was mediocre, you had no childhood.

UPCOMING IDEA FROM DA CHUCKSTA...- All I really remember about this was being bored and making a cruddy waterpaint concept art of this story I made up as a little kid. I think it was inspiredby a mixture of Zelda and Lord of the Rings.

BOA (BANDS OF AMERICA)- I decided the best way for me to spread the word about my band's success, was through posting. It was only later I remembered no one reallly reads this.

SARAH- When I said no one, I meant no one I didn't mention it to. This girl named Sarah read it and demanded a post dedicated to her. So I did. The End.

A COMPLETELY NEW POST ON COMPLETELY NEW THINGS- This'n was created to catch you up to speed on my life. (Since I hadn't posted for two months.)

And that about covers all of it. There's my whole blog up to today, summaraized in little paragraphs. It makes me feel small...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Completely New Post on Completely New Things

My greatest apologies for my lack of posting during the last two months. I'm afraid posting just got away from me. Alot has happened since almost Halloween of last year. So I'll catch you up to speed.

HALLOWEEN- On Hallow's Eve this year I unfortunately did not go trick-or-treating this year. My friends and I instead scared and or gave out halloween candy to children. (And the occasional prankster) It was pretty boring to tell the truth. At least it was AT FIRST! Soon, we came up with a demonic idea to give out awful items like mayonaisse and brussel sprouts and Zaxby's Sauce. Of cource after the kids were done being shocked out of their minds at the though of "This wack-job is gonna give me ASPARAGUS on HALLOWEEN?!" we gave them a handful of candy and sent them on their way.

NOVEMBER DISNEY TRIP- We try to go to Disney World every now and then, and so we went this year during November. Like always, Disney was a blast, and for at least two weeks I had Disney Songs stuck in my head.

CHRISTMAS CONCERT- My band, had an awesome Christmas Concert this year that I was in! Great experience for everyone. Then later the next week (before the dreaded mid-terms) was our big christmas assembly. We were supposed to play a song with the beginner 6th grade class, but I lost the score to it, leaving me and the other French Hornists guessing on the notes. (Not a pretty experience.) I gotta be more careful where I put stuff.

COLORADO SNOWBOARDING TRIP- We went skiing in Colorado. Skiing was not my forte, so I picked up snowboarding. Not bad.

And then there was Christmas, and tommorrow is New Years day. And on tuesday, it's back to school. I'm gonna miss Christmas.