Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do A Barrel Roll!

It's a shame I haven't done a Star Fox post yet. PROBLEM SOLVED! This isn't a ChuckBlog Platinum Award, but instead honoring a great game series. If you've never played any Star Fox games (StarFox 64, really...) but they are INCREDIBLE. It's one of the best plane shooter games ever, with great gameplay mechanics and a great storyline. I have a video game heritage to say, because my family is FULLA gamers. I inherited my cousins SNES and 64 along with their Star Fox games. They really changed my outlook on games and i'm glad I played them. There hasn't been a lot of Star Fox activity lately though. There was a successful GameCube game, but it simmered down soon. Then came a stategy version for the DS, and it was just confusing, and my hopes for the next new Star Fox post began to simmer into the dust. But then came out le 3DS, and my hopes for fox was renewed! StarFox 64 3D! It's coming out soon so you had better be ready! It's the same AMAZING game, but in 3D! It's like Daft Punk + The Glitch Mob! The formula always equals EPIC WIN! So, for everyone else out there who blew all their money on the 3DS, GET THIS GAME! (Next to Ocarina of Time 3D of course.) Until next time!