Monday, February 6, 2012

Game Review! Dino Run SE

Okay, it's definitely been too long since my last post. To tell the truth I was thinking about just doing another BGM Anthology, but I decided to do a little review for a little game: Dino Run SE. Dino Run SE is an application for Mac, and we'll see if it's good enough for a buy. I usually only review games I like (which is probably the worst idea I've ever had), so I'm going to simply pluck this game out of the blue and review it.

Very simple. You are a dinosaur, going about your normal day. Suddenly, a gigantic meteor lands nearby and you have to run for your life to escape extinction. That's about it. This game is not story centered, so there's no reason for me to rant about the lack of story thereof. Sometimes, it's the simpler things that work out the best.

PRESENTATION: I usually do gameplay before this segment, but I decided this needs to come first. Dino Run SE is, as close as I can see, a modern take on Atari gen gaming. Now, let's procure ourselves a grain of salt quickly and delve into what I mean. All the sprites in this game could have been on the Atari. However, the music, animations, and overall quality tips you off that it's a modern game, and it flows easily together, which I love. Also, you can customize your dino with different colors and hats, so everyone is unique. Plus, it's super cool to have a Link dinosaur.

GAMEPLAY: Alright, here we go. Dino Run SE looks like an old-school game, and in a lot of ways plays like an old-school game. And in that I mean the gameplay was less than stellar to me. Your dino has to run from left to right, but he can be unresponsive, and the physics are just weird. I think eating eggs makes you faster, but most of the time I'm annoyed or confused. However, this isn't awful and something tells me they were shooting for that old-school approach anyway. There's a super cool online multiplayer mode, and it's fun to test your skill against other players.

In all, Dino Run SE is a fun game for casual gamers that will bring out some interesting gameplay and has great replay value. The gameplay can be a bit frustrating at times, but it's nothing too bad. It just takes some getting used to.


And that's not bad. You can pick yourself up a copy for (insert money value here because I forgot). Catch you later!