Sunday, September 4, 2011

BIONICLE: The Next Generation

It comes time for another post, and this one is on one of my favorite childhood memories, BIONICLE. Now, I've already told my sappy childhood story, so let's forget about that and look into the fact that yes, BIONICLE is over. (Now, as a side note, I've decided that Hero Factory isn't too bad. The sets have advanced passed the horrible BIONICLE rip-off and the story is actually getting cool. Not BIONICLE cool have you, but cool.) But, there is a group of people who are trying, perhaps not to revive, but continue BIONICLE through their works. They are BIONICLE: THE NEXT GENERATION (we'll call them BNG). They've decided to make movies starring BIONICLE characters animated. These are all official storyline, keep in mind. Their goal is just, but they can't seem to accomplish anything. No offense. They've been working on "The Empire" which is their adaptaion of the Greg Farsthey serial featured on and it hasn't gotten too far. In fact, it took them about two months to make the preview trailer (or so I hear). There's also a game, and it seems there will be a reboot of the 2001-2003 storyline, but things seem to only be crawling. So, will this work? That question lingers in the air, but a good answer is, "I sure do hope so." I will enjoy seeing what they do with BIONICLE (if they do it) and I'm sure they won't mess anything up. My only real worry is the voice acting. That never really works.