Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A New Project

Now, I know what you're thinking, "A new project, when was the old one?" Well, that's for me to know and for you to spend the rest of your life pondering. Not really. This one is just new, as of now. Alright, you're also probably wondering what on earth  a giant Pikachu in a parade has to do with this, so I'll tell you. This project is about Pokemon. For some of you this is interesting, and others may have already found a new post to read, but this is something I found very interesting. It was a Pokemon outbreak. But, I'm getting ahead of myself, you need to hear some backstory. Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) is a multi-million dollar company comprised of video games, trading cards, an anime, and countless propaganda. I'm going to be addressing the video games, which is where Pokemon began (I think). Anyway, when I was a younger youngster my cousin passed down Pokemon Blue version (the first) to me and I was hooked. I then got Fire Red, Diamond, and Soul Silver. However, between each of these games I stopped playing Pokemon entirely, growing bored of the game until a new one came out. There was something about entirely new Pokemon that no one had heard of that excited me. Anyway, I had been off of a Pokemon high for quite some time when Black and White versions were announced. I was suddenly excited again and set off to catch new Pokemon. Me and my closest nerd friends purchased the games and began playing immediately. Strangely, there were more people playing Pokemon than usual, it seemed the whole high school had Black or White and were playing, not just the nerds. This all happened at the very beginning of when we were doing Beauty and the Beast so we had a lot of free time on our hands. More and more people were getting Pokemon, and suddenly it seemed everyone  had Pokemon! It infiltrated into the middle school. Jocks had Pokemon, girls were asking us to play Pokemon before school, what was going on?! That's what this project will be about, the Pokedemic, as I will call it. It will go back and chronicle the events that caused Pokemon to become the hottest thing in school for about a week and a half. This did happen, I'm not kidding. Once I get all my evidence, I'll post my conclusion, stay tuned.

Monday, December 19, 2011

LEGO Zelda

During my excess amount of downtime during the Christmas break (FINALLY) I found an amazing site called LEGO CUUSOO. It's a place where you can submit ideas for themes to LEGO, people vote on them, and they can become real sets. It takes 10,000 votes for the LEGO Review, where they, well, review the idea to see if it would work. LEGO Minecraft recently reached the review, so be on the lookout! Even more recently I stumbled upon this, LEGO Legend of Zelda. Now, on CUUSOO there are many LEGO Zelda submissions, but none quite like this. There was a heaping ton of effort put into this submission, and if you want to see some Zelda LEGO sets, give it the ol' college vote! Here is it's page. Making an account is simple, so please vote!
As you can tell, there really is a LOT of effort put into this and I would love Zelda LEGO sets. I'm sure a lot of you kids would too, so VOTE VOTE VOTE!