Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chuck Radio!

While exploring my new electronic device, The NOOK Color, I discovered something very interesting. Well, maybe not discovered, but got in the loop on. Pandora. No, not the planet from AVATAR, (Worst movie ever!) but the website devoted to internet radio. Now, I'm on there too! You can find my profile easily. I'm still "Da Chucksta." Or you can click to see my profile! That easy! You should listen to some of my stations. (They're Constantly changing!) Like "Mellophonic" and "RAGE-0." See you there! (Maybe?)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Postin' Bout Mah Peeps.

This post is dedicated to "MAh Peeps?!" Yeah, I DID just capitialize the "A" in "mah." First ima post about Chase, my inspiration for Jacky Chase in Ninjas and Ginjas. To tell the truth, I've been getting like a bajillion requests for me to post about people. Including the dude who is sitting right next to me now, Drew. (Dragon Drew.) And my bud Jacob. (Samurai Jacob, who I REALLY should have named Japaneese Jacob.) We all come together to form some kind of weird disfunctional family type community, even Dozier (The Ginger Queen). To tell the truth this is gonna end up being more of a Behind the Scenes of "Ninjas and Ginjas." It already has.