Friday, July 15, 2011


It's hard to come up with scentances to start blog posts with for me. Usually I just wanna type "and now it's time for yet another new post" but I know that would be lame. This one's working out, though. Now, onto the subject of this post, childhood. The picture above may just look like a brown robot dancing in a chasm to some, but other will recognize it. I'll hopefully explain. The whole idea for a post about childhood came from my forums. We started a topic about childhood, and it's pretty interesting to see what happened. You can see the thread http// at the url you just read and maybe clicked on. Childhood for me was my years of five to eight, and then I kinda got over it and entered preteen stuff which is really weird, but no teenage weird. When I was five was when I got into just about everything I would cherish later. Well, some I wouldn't, but I still enjoyed them then. The first thing I discovered that was cool when I was five was Power Rangers. Yeah, I know. But I was five, and the low production value and horrible special effects went directly over my head. It was awesome. And I mean, what could have been cooler than three average teens who could "morph" into super heros? Nothing. At least at age five. The only seasons I ever watched were the Ninja, Dinosaur, and some of the SPD. What could have been possibly cooler? ENTER: BIONICLE. Mom actually thought that BIONICLE looked dark and creepy, so she prevented me from getting one. Dad, on the other hand, saw their cool potential and got me my first BIONICLE. Needless to say, it was love at first sight, spawning a lifetime love of all thing BIONICLE. There were also a lot of cartoons in my life like Danny Phantom, The Fairly Odd Parents, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, That Cartoon that had Something to do with Timon and Pumba but I can't Remember the Exact Name, and Spongebob. Those were my shows. It was at the end of my five-year-old run that I recieved a PlayStation 2, one of the greatest gaming consoles of all time. And what was my first game? Kingdom Hearts! I played that game nonstop for many years. The first one's the best (the second one isn't bad, but the DS games make me a little sad). And there you have it. My childhood. In post form