Saturday, July 9, 2011

Come on Guys! Let's Free Heroica!

"What in the good name of Voltron is this?" You may ask (because most people shamelessly Voltron's name in vain). This is what I scraped twenty bucks together to buy from Target and thought I needed to share with you. LEGO's new action/adventure board game HEROICA! That's right! HEROICA is a buildabe game in which you try to defeat evil monsters and accomplish one (or more) of many various goals. Is it fun? Why YES, it is. HEROICA is one of LEGO's coolest things on the market now, a truly enjoyable game. You actually have four different games to choose from. Each is fun within itself, but you can also combine them to form ONE SUPER GIGANTIC AWESOME GAME! Yes, it's a little nerdy, and a little DND, (don't ask) but hey, it's super fun for fans of LEGO. If you're looking for a good board game, buy thiss'n!