Saturday, November 19, 2011

BGM Anthology III

I'll admit, I'm really just doing this to release some Skyward Sword energy, but hey, does it really mater? Once again I bring you some of the greatest not well known music in video games! I was planning to do a review on this little game I re-found, but hey! BGM is woith it!

For all youse guys who haven't played Chrono Trigger, shame on you. During the SNES era, RPGs were at the top of their game, it was a golden age. And, one of the best SNES RPGs was Chrono Trigger. Composed of a dream team including SquareSoft and the creators of Dragon Ball, it was a masterpiece of masterful proportions. The gameplay was fluent, the graphics were beautiful, the story was unlike anything gamers had experienced before, but the music topped the cake. Chrono Trigger's main theme is an epic, dramatic, sweeping theme that gets you excited and fills you with energy. Don't believe me? Listen.

Excitebikes is a classic classic. This is a prime example of the early days of home gaming. Anyway, my friend Caleb and I really got into Excitebikes one day (long story) to the point where we were gritting our teeth trying to beat each other's time. If we did beat each other's time, a catchy jingle proceeded, in which we would both break into dance and... well, I didn't say we were normal.

Okay, the name of the song may surprise you, but I can take a gander you know the game. Minecfrat is the game sensation that swept and is currently sweeping the nation. The concept is so simple, the gameplay so fun... oh never mind, it's just a boss game. The creators got C418 to do the music, and instead of what you'd suppose the music to be, it's actually quite different. The music is the strange, dissodent, subtle piano that transitions into this fantasmical melody that really makes you feel... I don't know, different. It's the perfect music for the game. Even if you're not a player, this song is great.

And there you have it, the third installment in the BGM Anthology series. But, it's certainly not the last.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Raw, Unfiltered Anticipation

It's like I'm trapped in a bottle. My excitement for this game is about to boil over into a plethora of energetic spasms! Okay, not really, but I am too excited about this game. During marching band, time was a precious resource that rarely chose to abide with me, but now I seem to have so much that I need something to fill it. And my excitement is DEFINATELY filling it right about now. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has gotten at least four perfect 10s that I've seen and innumerable 9.5s and so on. It looks like I'm going to have to update my top 10 Wii list because THIS TAKES THE NUMBER ONE SPOT ALREADY! AND I HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED IT YET! Wow. I just capitalized, bolded, italicized, and underlined that. I think I need to sit down...

Another thing that's got me all hyped up is that I ordered the awesome edition that comes with a golden WiiMotion Plus Remote. I've also heard it comes with the Zelda Syphony CD but that might be just a myth.

In order to stave off my all consuming Zelda hunger, I've found myself reverting to something else. Cartoons from my childhood. In ordered the first season of Samurai Jack on Netflix and it should be in today.

When Skyward Sword comes out, you may not hear from me for a while (because ALL THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY I shall be playing) but rest assured a review shall come. And it will blow your tiny minds.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Allow me to revise my list of EPIC VIDEO GAME COMMERCIALS. Okay... done. It's almost here. The biggest, baddest, game of the year is almost here! Okay, I know Skyrim was just released (haven't gotten to play it, looks AWESOME!) and Modern Wellfare 3, but this game... this game is The Legend of Zelda. This game is the beginning of THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME SERIES OF ALL TIME. Did you not just watch that commerical? Do you not undersrtand the pure scope of this game?! Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go on a whole rage-fest right then, its just... I don't know if this game has as much hype as it should. At least, it doesn't in my neck of the woods. That is, where pubescent teens stay up all night playing C.O.D. Other than the fact that this is a new Zelda game, there's a lot of exciting aspects. Let's take a brief look. Okay, so there's the all new Wii MotionPlus controls for swordplay. Unlike previous games where you simply press B till the enemy dies, you must swing the Master Sword in various ways to defeat various enemies. Also, there's the sheer scope of this game. 50-100 hours of gameplay at the least can go into this puppy, making it the biggest Zelda game EVER. Also, new elements such as a more RPG style weapon purchasing system and a fres new take on weapon interface add more excitement. But this is all technical. Let's get to the juicy bits. STORYLINETIME! We all know Nintendo has denied there being one, single Zelda timeline. But did you not just watch the commercial (if you haven't caught the las two hints it means you need to WATCH THE COMMERCIAL)? "This is where it all begins." THIS IS THE FIRST GAME IN THE ZELDA SERIES (storyline wise). So that means, even if you know NOTHING about Zelda, you can enjoy this game to the fullest. Well, you can do that in any other Zelda game, but this one's probably on top. Also, the storyline of this game is VERY different from any Zelda to date. First of all, no Ganon. There's that blatant flamer Ghirahim instead (just looking at him makes me want to cut him in half). Also, Link's a knight in training, which is pretty cool. He and Zelda are childhood friends, which is also slightly different. I could go on... but you get the point. SKYWARD SWORD IS RELEASED ONE WEEK FROM NOW so be expecting a review quite soon. Thanks for your time!