Friday, May 28, 2010

Fear of Clowns

Today i've decided to blog about an issue that I find to be very distressing in our world today. A fear of clowns. I just don't get it. Why are people afraid of clowns? It makes absolutely no sense to me. Let's review the facts. Clowns wear makeup. Not scary makeup, just a white face and big red lips, with the eyeliner. They laugh alot. That's kinda weird, not creepy. They have big shoes. So maybe their feet are big. So are mine. They can steal your soul. Just kidding. The only clown I have ever feared is Ronald McDonald. How old is that guy? Seventy? Sixty? Over fifty for sure. He just creeps me out. Mainly because his voice is synced in with his mouth movements. He's just a weirdo.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Games are fun. (Top ten 64)

Today i'm blogging about a game station. The nintendo64. To be clear, in my opinion, this may be one of the greatest game stations of all time. But that's just me. I've decided to give you a top 10 of the greatest games made for this. But you'll never be more excited than this kid.

so start with ten.

10 Pokemon Snap

This is a photography game that is suprisingly fun and addictive, it may be the 4's most original title.

9 Zelda, Majora's Mask

In the second chapter of the ZELDA 64 link finds himself in a race against time. Very frustrating, but a good title.

8 Mario Kart 64

The game that defined mario kart as we know it, very fun with okay graphics

7 Mario Golf

Never brfore have so many people golfed in a red hat and overalls. Very pleasing game.

6 Kirby 64

A fun and easy to pick up game for all players. Great graphics.

5 Excitebike 64

Racing is just as fun on the sixty four as on any other game.

4 StarFox 64

Probobavly the best StarFox title ever, this game delivers great graphics, great sound, and a great storyline. Also the spwaner of the infamous "Do a Barrel Roll!"

3Super Smash Bros.

The first Smash Bros. game, with less characters than nowadays, but still a good day.

2 Super Mario 64

The game that defined the 64, and grandpa of Mario Galaxy.

1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Possibly the best game ever, it took three years and 200 people to make. The most critically acclaimed game of all time.

So there you have it, all of the greatest 64 games ever. Oh and here you are...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movie Review! (Shrek 4)

Well, it seems like the great foursome of movies is over. I remember seeing the first Shrek in theaters and absolutley loving it. I enjoyed the second one as well. As for the third one, it just wasn't that good. I wouldn't advise seeing it unless you want to get the full storyline. I would advise seeing the new one though. Shrek 4 is a very good movie and has a very interesting storyline in which the villain, Rumplestiltskin, teaches Shrek a lesson about life. But I can't tell you what that lesson is because it would ruin some of the movie for you. But I can tell you that Shrek is in an alternate reality, and most of the characters are very different. Which leads to be very humurous. In fact, if I had to give this movie a rating of three and three fourths stars.Which means that if you want to see it, you should. It's definately better that "2" and "3" but not the first. The first was the best because of it's concept, storyline, and hilarious jokes. In all, I would advise seeing this movie if you enjoy the Shrek series.

Pie Flavor

Well, I guess it's time for a new post. In all, I think I'll try blogging every day. But I know I wont succeed. I did enjoy sleeping in this morning, and played some video games, listened to my iPod, blah...blah....blah. But I know you don't care about that. Unless you do. And that's kinda weird. I hope you enjoyed my presentation of Metallic Knights. I thought that was pretty awesome. Today I have a new video for you. This all started at school with my friend Hayden. He cam to school talking about this hillarious youtube video and told me what it was called, asdfmovie2. So anyway I looked it up online and watched it and thought it was pretty funny, so I told more of my friends and now it's kinda like an inside joke. Here it is.

Alright, if you've stopped laughing at it, i'm sure you'd say it is pretty funny. On to world news. If you havent heard (Which would be weird) there was a HUGE oil spill down in the gulf. This thing is huge! So I wouldn't advise going to any sea-food resturaunts in the south. Or in the north for that matter. Than k you for readining my post and if you enjoyed asdfmovie2, you'll LOVE this...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A new Post

Well, it has been a while since my last post on here. I guess with school and all I have found myself too busy. But I digress. Today is the 25th of May and my official last day of school. The reason I put that italicized "Official" there was because my last day of school technically was last Wendsday. But I had four finals to take and that was a bit of a bummer. In better news, I finally have some movies to see! There has been a large shortage of good movies in theaters for a while in my town. But now, good looking movies are popping up everywhere! Robin Hood just came out and I hear it's amazing. On Friday Disney's Prince of Persia comes out, and after playing the games, it looks pretty good. Toy Story 3 is out soon too. And because of my inner six year old, I have to see it! I have also stumbled upon something cool. An animated movie called, Metallic Knights that was made in 2008 on the Dsi's flipnote software, here it is.

Pretty cool huh? If you have a Dsi and a web connection, you can get Flipnote Studio for free!